Final Farewell is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Rumors abound that men felled in battle have risen as undead not long after. I cannot help but feel pity that these poor souls are robbed even of death... Please, deliver them a peaceful -- and final -- rest."

Kill 15 Undead Warriors.


This quest can be obtained from the notice board in The Encampment after clearing the Ancient Quarry.

Defeat fifteen Undead Warriors for a reward of forty War Bugles.


  • Despite the Ancient Quarry vicinity being specified, Undead Warriors defeated anywhere will count towards the total, including those encountered during Lure of the Abyss in the Everfall.
  • The rewarded War Bugles can come in handy for completing the quest Reveille Revelry, which requires obtaining fifty of them.


Final farewell, Set against the dead combined quest walkthrough02:43

Final farewell, Set against the dead combined quest walkthrough.

The Wilted Forest, just outside The Abbey, is rife with Undead Warriors at night.