Fire is one of the five elemental attributes in Dragon's Dogma.


All fire based weapons and spells have a chance to inflict burning which causes damage over time. Enemies which are tarred in oil are easier to set ablaze, and when ignited initially take double damage - conversely being drenched imparts limited resistance to being set on fire, as well as quenching any burning.

Creature resistances

Undead are extremely weak to fire, whilst Skeletons have mild resistance. Sulfur Saurians are weak to fire, whilst most other species, including the common Saurian are resistant.

Despite what pawns often parrot goblins and hobgoblins have no particular weakness to fire.

Hydra are resistant to most forms of elemental damage, though less so to fire - the burning status also helps prevent the heads regenerating.

Drakes (and Grigori) are highly resistant, whilst Wyrms are vulnerable to fire based offense.

Post-dragon creatures often show resistance to fire, including Gorechimeras and Geo Saurians - Hellhounds are made more dangerous when set ablaze.

Equipment and skills