Firecounter is a Fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Sends foes staggering back when the user blocks an attack. A perfect block blasts foes with a fireball, setting them aflame."

After a relatively brief incantation, enchants the Magick Shield with the Fire element. The enchantment lasts for one minute. While the enchantment is active, regular blocks deal moderate fire damage.


  • Upgrades to Flame Riposte.
  • For details on conjuring and using this class of 'parry' or 'counter' spell with Perfect Blocks see Mystic Knight Shield Counters.
  • Firecounter is an excellent ability due to the relative frequency of enemies weak to fire (especially in the early game). Fireballs from a perfect block travel a fair distance, allowing a Mystic Knight to hit even distant attackers like archers.
  • Like other counter abilities is complimented significantly by the Prescience augment.


  • Casting
  • Holding Charge.
  • Enchantment