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Floral Delivery
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Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
1,000 Gold
500 Exp.
3 Rift Crystals

Floral Delivery is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.

Floral Delivery is one of the first quests available in the game.

The quest is given by Benita, who can be found just down the road from the home the Arisen first awakens in, in a ruined building made into a makeshift medical center. There, she is busy tending to the wounds of those injured during the dragon's attack.


"The dragon’s visit left injury and sorrow in its wake.
(1 ~ 3) Dragon's Dogma ~ Floral Delivery Hero Trophy Guide03:49

(1 ~ 3) Dragon's Dogma ~ Floral Delivery Hero Trophy Guide

Floral Delivery ~ Video Walkthrough

Gather medicinal flowers so that Benita might treat the wyrm’s victims."


Upon activation:

  • Benita requires sunbright and moonglow for her poultice. First gather some sunbright and bring them to her.

When you get the flowers, it will say:

  • Bring the flowers you've claimed to Benita in Cassardis.

After you turn in the sunbright first:

  • Benita has sufficient sunbright. Now collect the necessary moonglow.

Upon completion:

  • The poultrice mixed from your flowers provided blessed relief for your fellow villagers. Quest reward received.


After activating the quest, you should continue down the road and out the village's gate. (Note: if you haven't gone this way until now, you'll get a cutscene where you'll get Rook, a pawn, who will remain with you.)

The two items you're looking for out in the field are Sunbright and Moonglow.

Sunbright can only be found during the day and around the base of trees. It is a bright pink flower and should be easy to spot. You'll be needing 5 of them. The only threat you'll be facing during the day are some Goblins, which spawn in small groups in various places near or on the Seabreeze Trail.

After getting the appropriate amount of sunbright, you can either wait at the inn until nightfall, or do other quests to fill the time. You can give the sunbright you've collected to Benita now to free up inventory space.


When it's night, head back out. As it's dark, you have a new threat to worry about: Wolves. Wolves are more difficult than Goblins, mainly because it's difficult to tell when they're around. Be sure to keep your lantern on and listen for growling.

Moonglow can be found down along the beach of Starfall Bay. It's a blue, sparkly flower with butterflies circling it, and can usually be found up on a ledge or around rocks. One can be found in the village; follow the water edge to the cliffs on the right; you will find a small tunnel leading to another beach, right on the other side, follow the cliff wall to your left and you will discover the Moonglow almost immediately. You only need one of them to complete the quest. Head on back to the village, find Benita and turn in the flowers to finish the quest.


Quest Fail Warning!

  • Once you start the quest Off With Its Head, you will not be able to complete Floral Delivery. It is best to take care of this quest before setting out for the encampment.


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