Floral Delivery is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"The dragon’s visit left injury and sorrow in its wake. Gather medicinal flowers so that Benita might treat the wyrm’s victims."

Collect Sunbright and Moonglow for Benita so that she might make curatives for the wounded.

This quest becomes available immediately after Harbinger of Destruction.


(1 ~ 3) Dragon's Dogma ~ Floral Delivery Hero Trophy Guide03:49

(1 ~ 3) Dragon's Dogma ~ Floral Delivery Hero Trophy Guide

Floral Delivery ~ Video Walkthrough

The quest is given by Benita, who can be found just down the road from the home in which the Arisen first awakens, in a ruined building made into a makeshift hospital. There, she is busy tending to the wounds of those injured during the dragon's attack.

Accept her request to gather five Sunbright and one Moonglow.


Dragon's Dogma - Sun Bright

Sunbright can only be found during the day and generally around the base of trees. It is a bright pink flower and should be easy to spot. The only threat during the day are some Goblins. The first large tree you see should have some Sunbright growing under it, and another tree further along also hosts this plant.

After procuring the five Sunbright the Arisen can either wait at the inn until nightfall or do other quests to fill the time. At this point the Arisen can deliver the Sunbright if desired. Benita will ask for the Moonglow after receiving the Sunbright.


Dragon's Dogma - Moonglow

Moonglow only flowers at night, generally near water; no trace of it can be found during the day. It appears similar to Sunbright, but with a faint glow and butterflies circling it.

A single Moonglow can be found within Cassardis itself: head down the beach through a rock arch to Starfall Bay where you can find one near the water. More can be found far along the Unusual Beach on the rocks at the northern end, however this place may be fairly dangerous at night early on in the adventure.

Return to Benita

Head back to Benita and submit the flowers to finish the quest.


  • This quest must be completed before Off With Its Head which takes the Arisen to Gran Soren or else it will fail.
  • This quest becomes unavailable on the notice board after reaching The Encampment.
  • Note that flowers like Sunbright, Moonglow and Noonflowers are time sensitive, meaning they will wilt and die after a few in-game days. If you do not intend to immediately finish this quest, sending perishable items to storage freezes them in their current state until they are withdrawn.