we talk about Ur so often but Seneschal never gets any love... so whats the toughest arisen pawn combo you've had to fight? (with names if you can) i faced off against this Assasin / Ranger combo that was a right pain in the ass unfortunately i forgot the names :( bastards kept biting wind/10 folding me and my poor mage (thank god she's immortal... LEGIONS MIGHT FTW!) so what kind of combos have you encountered? any odd pairings? ...does anyone even play DD anymore? lol

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Lol actually I do play DD now and by far the toughest seneschal fight I had was with a person who must've really liked persona XD! It was against a fighter (Yu Narukami) and a strider (Yukiko Amagi) If Yu hit me once I would go down to 25% of my helth and Yukiko was fast as shit! I only managed to defeat them because my fighter pawn was able to draw the agro and block them.