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Hey guys,

fighting the Ur-Dragon (offline) atm for first time.

What really bothers me, is that my pawns just stand there and die (noticed this before with some other bosses and different pawns).

I can`t do dmg to the dragon cuz i´m running from A to B reviving my pawns. Dealing around 1 - 1 1/2 healthbar dmg in one round.

Mages don`t use their spells, tanks don´t attack. Most of the Time.

Am I doing something wrong with my pawns or is it just stupid pawns?

Using this Formation atm:

Me, Ranger, lvl 66

Sidepawn, Mage, lvl 66,   Heal and Support with weapon enchantments

2. Pawn, Archmage, lvl 72 Damage Spells and Debuff enemys (thats what he should do)

3. Pawn, Fighter, lvl 75, Tank (yeah... nothing to say) 

Thanks for help :D

Check your pawns' inclinations. They should be doing something though (even if merely running around), not just standing still doing nothing (unless probably Guardian inclination). -Spinfx (talk) 04:12, January 25, 2016 (UTC)