I noticed that there isn't a dedicated section on the Wiki for this so i thought i'd add one...

So i'll start, i wanted an arisen that could adapt to any situation i came up against so i went with a pure balanced build...

(At level 200)

HP   /   ST  / ATK / DEF / MATK / MDEF

3975 / 3975 / 420  / 470   /   470   /  420

How i got these was...

Start - 10 (Strider)

10 - 50 (Strider)

50 - 100 (Mystic Knight)

100 - 140 (Strider)

140 - 170 (Mystic Knight)

170 - 200 (Strider)

This was the most balanced i could come up with, so anyone have anything better? any pure builds? or just fun to play?

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i actually am doing a balanced character right now too!  when i was doing the the calculations i forgot to account for stam/health, and i added as though you get stat progression for level 1 (instead of just getting the base stats of the class you choose at start) so its a little off but i came out with ATK/DEF/MATK/MDEF all at 445 i think (give or take a couple points).

it goes like this:

strider 1-100, this leaves all but MDEF at 370. MDEF is at 270

magic archer 101-150, to get that MDEF back up there. at this point you should be 370/370/420/420

warrior 151-175, this gets ATK/DEF up to 420 so all 4 are even

mystic knight 176-200, this keeps all 4 stats even and gives a bit more health per level then strider does because at 175 i think you have more stam than HP, but if you want more stamina you can use strider till 200 and keep your 4 main stats even.

please let me know if i miscalculated somewhere. i would hate to hit 200 and have done it wrong :p


17:53, May 11, 2013 (UTC)17:53, May 11, 2013 (UTC)


I was thinking of doing a 'Pure HP' build (tray and soak up as much dmg as possible like a warrior, i ignored every other stat except HP, for this reason the stamina is low but i can handle a bit of stamina management with no worries, so here it goes...

HP - 5850

STA - 2140

ATK - 570

DEF - 380

MAG - 460

MDEF - 370

Now if you add the HP Augments from the fighter and warrior you have over 6000 HP!!! ...add regeneration from the M-Archer and the right equips and this could become a very hard build to take down... and +++ you could use this build for either PAWN OR ARISEN!!! hybrid vocations used...

1 - 10 = Fighter

10 - 100 = Warrior (Obviously)

100 - 200 = Mage (An odd one i know but it buffs your MDEF a little to increase surviveability and means that Pawns can train for this build too...


p.s. if you use the ring from DD:DA you can have an extra 500HP on top of this!!! 6550 HEALTH!!! Thats 1/5th of a Cyclops's Max HP!!!

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MasterClaw12   09:09 am 12/23/2015

I absolutely LOVE using the Warrior class. Just the idea of swinging a massive, earth crushing, sword is unbelievably satisfying. 

This build I made up using some kind of stat calculator on this site. I don't have the Dark Arisen content so Idk know how much different it'l be. Also I can't remember if the calculator is showing stats for vanila DD or DA.

It focuses on Health, Attack, Defense, Magick Defense, and then Stamina is the last concern. I don't know what all Magick Attack does in-game, but it's not neglected in this build.

Level 200
HP 5035 ST 2880
Attack 616 Magick 308
Defense 547 Magick Defense 308

Starting Vocation: Levels 1~>10:Fighter

Any order really...

(35) Levels 11~>45: Fighter (Balances Atk, Defense, and a little bit hp)

(30) Levels 46~>75: Warrior (Hp, Atk, Def)

(10) Levels 76~>85: Mystic Knight (Mag. Def, Mag. Atk, hp)

(5) Levels 86~>90: Assassin (Atk and Stm)

(10) Levels 90~>100: Magick Archer (Mag. Def)

Lvs 101 - 200

Any order again...

(30) Levels 101~>130: Fighter ( Hp and Def)

(30) Levels 131~>160: Mystic Knight (Balance the rest of the thingies)

(20) Levels 161~>180: Assassin (Boost to Ark and Stm)

(20) Levels 181~>200: Mystic Archer (Mag. Def)

I have not tried this out yet. I'm planning to buy DD: Dark Arisen with a few days. So I'm gonna have to restart again to build my dream Warrior Class >_>

Let me know what you think :D

even if they are tips!!

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09:09 am 12/23/2015