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I bought Dragons Dogma : Dark Arisen recently but it doesn't load my DD save file. I have a level 100+ Assassin and I don't really want to start over again. Any idea on why it doesn't load? It says "creating new save data" everytime I try to import


Yes it is creating new save data from your DD save. I beleive this is as it should be. If you have "Load" under "New Game" then try that, I think it will Load from where your DD save is. 

PSNID: Id-in-use Pawn: Eclair (talk) 21:09, February 23, 2014 (UTC)


There's no "load" under "new game". I even changed the region of my DD save file to EU because my DA region is EU.

edit: Got to load. I forgot to transfer the correct save file over. Thanks for the help anyway :)