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Boons: How do they work? We all have probably experienced the excitement of our trusty sword or bow enchanted with Fire's Blaze, as so elloquently put by the beloved pawns who cast such spells. But what determines the actual increase in power?

It has been speculated that the magick statistic of the character who's gear has been enhanced in such a way is the end all be all for this spell's power boost. But if someone could verify this...

That's what I plan on doing. I have pre-ordered the PC verson of this game, since my own copy on the Xbox was lost long ago. On friday, I'll be measuring damage output with and without boons, as well as whether the castor's stats make a difference. If anyone wants to contribute pawns to this purpose, I'll be more than happy to oblige.

At first we'll keep the experiments simple, measuring how many hits it takes to bring down goblins at the start of the game. I'm thinking warrior class will have a steady damage output. I'll compare damage with and without Rook's Fire boon, and then with another magic oriented pawn. All relevent stats will be documented.

I'm genuinely excited to run this experiment, and if anyone has any tips or information that would be helpful, I'll be most grateful.

~Noblesse Oblige