Dark Arisen, What does it include?

Dark Arisen is a new upcoming DLC for 2013, available for both PS3 and xbox. (Price not confirmed)

It will include:

1. A new massive dungeon and Bitterblack Isle (with an astonishing market district)

2. New enemies (Including Death himself)

3. Marvelous New Armour

4. Terrific New Weapons

5. Super cool new decent hairstyles (making a total of 60 hairstyles available in the game though I'm not sure if that includes the past hair DLC)

6. New Quests and obviously tons of more hours of play and fun :D.




Death Can Be seen again


Seasoned Arisens will discover new purpose


More of the environs

And this my friends is what I've managed to gather feel free to edit or add things if you know more.

Some hairstyles featured in the new DLC expansion Dark Arisen

Dark Arisen Screenshot 7
Dragon's dogma dark arisen
Dark Arisen Screenshot 8
Dark Arisen Screenshot 6
Dark Arisen Screenshot 5

Dark Arisen