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I am a lvl 55 strider, with a lvl 55 Mage main pawn. I have played this game (DD:DA) for 125 hours now, and I have grinded quite a lot(i think).

I pick up absolutely everything I find, and put it in my inventory storage whenever i get the chance.

The thing I would like to know, is: Do I really need to keep evertyhing I find, or can I just sell it?

I'm not saying I want to sell my curatives and the like, but I'm thinkinh about weapons and armor that my character and main pawn can't use.

Example: I have 2 Eden's Warden swords in my possession, that neither my strider or my mage can use, since they are the wrong class. I'm only playing in offline mode, so I won't be trading them with other players either, same goes for my other two pawns.

Right now, I have:

  • 46 weapons
  • 9 pieces of headwear
  • 6 torso items
  • 5 arm items and
  • 1 piece of legwear

that neither my strider or my mage can use. Is there any reason for me to keep them? I probably won't start a new game with new class characters after I've finished playing through this time.

Also, do I need to keep all my Badges of Vows after I find them?

Lastly, what do I do with these "Wight Tactics", "Chimera Strategy Vol. 1" etc.? Do I get anything for using them?

If there's an option to use "wight tactics" then it will give it when you have it in your inventory, otherwise it will say something like "your pawns already have this knowledge" and you won't be able to 'use' it.
Maybe you might see a pawn you like, but they have poor or wrong equipment - that would be a reason to hang on to stuff like Eden's warden. Otherwise if you don't need it you can get the cash for it - its a value judgement depending on how much you like to collect