So, with a sequel being announced what would you like to see added to Dragon's Dogma 2? Ill post what id like and the rest of you post what you would like. 



Dual Swords - Two shortswords between the length of a dagger and sword. Damage would be a between the average dagger and sword and attack speed between the two as well. Light attacks being a quick swirl of slashes and heavy attack being a powerful overhead swing with both blades.

Spears - Long narrow spears used for stabbing and thrusting. Long reach and range but low slashing power and defense. Quick attacks being 4 quick stabs and heavy attack being a wide 360 degree swipe.

Polearms (Halberds) - Heavier and slightly shorter than spears but higher attack and defense. Light attack is 3 small slashes and heavy attack being a large vertical swing.

Axes - Heavier and slower than swords but stronger and more easy to break enemy guard with. Light attack being 3 horizontal swings and heavy being a 360 degree spin attack.


Summoner - A mage that specializes in summoning animals and spirits to alongside them. Summons could become stronger as the vocation such as a wolf eventually becoming a hellhound or a harpie becoming a succubus. and a skeleton warrior becoming a skeleton lord. Summons could last 30 seconds to a minute and could vary with upgrades and augments.

Berserker - A class similar to the warrior but focusing on buffs and attack increases at the cost of health and mobility.  A berserker could enter a frenzied state, slowly draining health for more damage. Upgrades and augments could increase mobility or decrease health loss.

Shapeshifter - A magic user that focuses on transforming into creatures to fight as. Starting as a simple cyclops and eventually unlocking the ability to turn into a Drake or Chimera. Augments and abilities could allow the transformation to last longer or gain access to more attacks while in a transfered state such as a Drake's fire breath or a Chimera's snake tail spewing poison. 

Martial Artist - A melee class focused on hand to hand combat using weaponized gauntlets and bracers. Abilties and augments could focus on adding elemental damage and entering a mode where attack speed and damage is increased. 
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I'd like to add another class to that!


A hybrid of the Warrior and Fighter class, Swordsmen wield a single longsword (I'll assume Warriors wield Greatswords; it could have been a translation error in the first DD) and have access to 6 skill slots (R1 and L1).  Skills include faster one-handed slashes complimented by stronger two-handed techniques that make use of the entire weight of the body.  Swordsman can also strike with the empty free hand to stun enemies.  Light attack is two horizontal one-handed slases followed by a two-handed uppercut.  Heavy attack is two powerful, two-handed slashes with the weight of the body behind them. 


A hybrid of the sword and the greatswords of the Fighter and Warrior classes.  Combines the quick slashes of the former with the powerful strikes of the latter.  Includes traditional European swords and their asian equivalents.

I want this class in the game so I can make Lightning and Saber pawns!  :D

On another note, I hope they let us save the formulas for our pawns so we can more easily switch between them when we can change our appearances later.


I'd want swimming in the sequel, and actual aquatic enemies, no brine. I want krakens, sea serpents, mermen, stuff like that. Also bigger stuff, Shadow of the Colossus -sized bosses, maybe even some kind of rope/grappling hook item or move mechanic that Striders or Assassins could unlock, to make their climbing even faster, similar to the Ensnare move, but for pulling yourself up to the enemy.

- Saint George

.::Magick Archer Revamped::.

Hi there. I totally love the idea for Magick Archer for this game because I have been longing to play as one in a lot of MMORPG and Console RPGs but the closest that I can get to play that kind of class is in Skyrim but even that has some difficulties. But DD totally satisfied me with this vocation. However, I've been reading a lot of forum discussions here and there about playing as one and even myself, find that in order to really have fun in playing as MA, I'd have to level up as different vocations first. This is to help with stats growth and really make an impact playing as the MA. 

So, I would like it if:

a) First of all, the stats growth based on vocations should be fixed or changed somehow. It kind of sucks to be leveling as other vocations earlier on and for a prolonged time just so that you can effectively play the vocation which you really wanted. Or at the very least, make stats re-distribution available, or something like that. Although the some of DD fans seemed to be in content with how it things are but I'm sure that I can vouch for some of the others that having to play other vocations than you desired just so that your character won't become weak or easily KOed by bosses is tiring. Speaking from my point of view, I got bored playing Warrior-vocation from level 10-50 (to gain HP ) and 51 to 100++ as Sorcerer to amp-up the Magic Attack in order to really make a dent on bosses when I play as MA.

b) I have no real trouble with the Magick Bow spells already present but other than the 'costly' Sacrificial Bolt spell, the rest of the spells are just mediocre in performance. I'm not saying damage-wise, but the 'awe' factor is not there. Even Warrior, MK, Sorcerer, and Assassin have awesome visual-impressive spells/skills.

c) This point is more towards Magick-based character though. I love killing golems. Really. But it's a pain to kill metal golems which have unreachable discs that must be hit with physical damage. It makes having a 'bow-like' weapon useless when you can reach it with magick arrows but dealing no damage. How do you expect to hit that floating disc in the air using daggers?

And speaking of adding a few classes, I have one class to suggest.


Since DD introduces such great importances in teamwork when it comes to using pawns and all, why not have a class that focuses on buffing/debuffing? Using instrumental weapons to inspire/taunt and inflict either both physical/magical damage. 

- Miea 15:47, August 19, 2013 (UTC)


You can kinda play the Bard/Minstrel role atm by using a MA, has defence buffs and crowed control... you can't enchant though which sucks :/ 

Fast travel

You dont know what your asking for if you say you dont like fast travel going back and forth between the same location fighting the same enemies is mindnumbing. Here's an idea for traveling back to places you've been before so you don't feel iritated once you uncover most of the map. Since you fight giant flying monsters on a regular basis beat one to near death then sadle it up. Fast travel no tedeus back tracking no need to make the world smaller more time to go adventuring in new areas.


Another thing that the first sorely lacked was an actual bestiary. I'll admit it i enjoy reading them. the pawns learned knowledge, but were very bad at sharing it when you needed it most, and in a world with as many enemies as this one its terrible not to have one.



I don't think level up stat depend on classes is bad idea.But I think It should at least give player ability to restat when high level and with high cost.(Like a level or load of gold.)


Fast travel

Fast travel is a must but I think the fast travel currently in DA (with eternal ferrystone)is too much.It can use basically everywhere, anytime .I think it only allow player fast travel between town(maybe camp too) at small cost(Faw hundred gold to ride wagon) and back to last town you visit in the end of a dungeon will better than current ferrystone.


I like coop in games. I like the feeling of adventuring together and fighting enemy with a group.With the pawn system. I think It'll be a good idea to allow player to join another player that hiring his/her pawn as the pawn.( assume direct control :D).

Semi-random map between each playthough

Enemy respawn point, treasure chest location, hidden room etc.If it's also apply to big map better.

Group defence 'focus class for pawn'/ MK for pawn

I find that most monster always chasing me whatever my class was, and my pawn always follow me within ten meter even in a big room full of monster so I can't cast magic at long range. So I want a pawn class that can use some aoe defense skill so I can cast some long casting time spell will pretty good.


CO-OP in this game would be awesome. I use the magick archer for my class and my pawn does a decent job taking advantage of my setup (favorite skill explosive rivet) but she can't use it like an actual human would. Once I pop 10-12 bolts in the target I usually have to set it off myself whereas another player could take advantage and I could keep firing. Constant explosions=awesome.


-Mr. Soulife: Lore-friendly CO-OP opportunities

Co-op play, weather it be an online player or a friend on the couch, would be very fun in Dragon's Dogma 2. However, for me, since there is plenty of lore and story in the game, I would not be satisfied with a simple inclusion of co-op play; instead, should co-op play be in Dragon's Dogma 2, it should be lore-friendly.

Online-Play: When Sofiah passed away she gave a portion of her soul to Selene, which would eventually allow Selene to become a full human. Perhaps this ability that all Arisen are capable of can be used to explain co-op. During the event of Dragon's Dogma 2, the player could learn the tale of a past Arisen, one that hasn't been heard of before, found a way to travel across the Rift to another 'cycle' by temporarily giving their pawn a large portion of his or her soul. By possesing their pawn and going into the Rift, they could be specially summoned by another Arisen .

Local 2-player: When the co-op is between two people playing on the same console, the Arisen's power on the Rift could be used to explain the local 2-player play. The previously mentioned 'new' Arisen whom invented the way for online co-op could have been a person who had studied the Rift during their life and had learnt about how to manipulate it. The player's Arisen could 'super-charge' their own pawn by focusing the power of the Rift, that was used to bring the other pawns into the player's game, into their pawn. By losing the ability to have two pawns summoned from online, the player's pawn could have increased "intellegence". In truth this "intellegence" is the 2nd player being able to control the pawn.

Shifting World

One problem I really had was if you found an enemy in a certain location a few days later they would be at the exact same spot.The world was static. I'd like to see a radiant world like skyrim. It would make hunting fun and exciting rather than just okay I need a chimera drop lets go to the abbey. When I first started playing exploring was so great, now I have port crystals everywhere cause its the same walk everytime.


i think it would be cool if intelligent enemies recognized your reputaion/skill. for example, if you walk into a group of saurians and begin slaughtering them with 1 hit each, the others will cry in terror and flee. same with human bandits, and any semi intelligent creature. would make for some funny dialogue and really feel like you are connected with the game. i would also really like to see a much better, in depth story. story is pretty much an afterthought with current DG.  

i know its been mentioned already, but ill just second(third whatever) that more customization would be better. in a hack n slash game like this its all about makeing your character into a badass and makeing him look cool. currently there are so many ugly items/armor, that i wont use simply because they look terrible, and in the end game everyone ends up useing same armor and weapons because there really isnt much choice.


I'd like to see an easier weapon/staff/equipment management system. It's a royal pain having to go to inventory-equipment every time you want to switch between sword/staff or mace/sword. Something like Two Worlds II where you can have three slots for three sets of equipment & switch with one button-press.

Also a better aiming mechanism for throwing knives, throwblast etc.

A revamped Assasin (ninja-style class) might be fun to play.

While I'm on the wish-list trail, more/better commands for pawns so you can actually get them to give support instead of going doollally just when you need them.

I definitely agree with the idea of being able to re-spec your character at certain points - perhaps after a certain level and/or for a fee.

Most definitely co-op! 120px-Bldsig


There should be a vocation that could be called Fighter of Light. Almost like the fighter vocation just without a shield using only a regular sword and magic on the other hand and by that i mean secondary ability (with fighter it is shield ability) you can use magic mainly light, lightning, fire, and ice NO DARKNESS think about the name. Then you don't have to change weapon into a stupid staff just so you can use magic but use you sword and then use magic, and your sword can use some sword like magick you know like when you use a normal sword skill that skill is infused with magick so as an example downcrack can create a shockwave so it hits more enemies and the shockwave's look determins if your sword is enchanted or not, like without an enchantment it just creates a shockwave whith dust moving above the ground and if you have a fire enchantment then fire goes up from the ground creating extra fire damage on enemies. now that would be awesome and he/she should be able to use light to either damage enemies or heal allies for an example a light spell that damages your enemies and then a spell like group heal. Almost forgot quite an important detail thinking about the fact that fighters/mystic knight mainly use shield to block then the ability to block with you sword instead and you of course block with same button as you make spells ready L1 andthe the character stands ready to block or use a spell. and maybe a spell creating a floating shield protecting you if you want to cast spells. Though most spells are instant some need incanting. Oh and also when blocking with sword (perhaps this detail could be put on the fighter and mystic knight vocaton's shields) a block battle you know that when the enemy strikes with a powerfull blow and you make a perfect block a block battle starts where your swords clash and you need to move the analog stick like when you are grabbed by enemies.  - Shadow the Shadow lord

Good or Evil Arisen.

The ability to have either a good or bad Arisen where you choices make an impact on how people react to you and if you are really evil guards might attack if you talk to them although your reputation changes towards good if you help people and of course the right people and the decision's you make in main quests focus in helping people.

Evil reputation gets up if you kill/attack normal people/guards or your decision's in main quests reflect upon hurting someone like hitting/torturing someone or you focus only on yourself.

And some special reputation quest and armor like if your reputation is good you can aquire Hero like armor like a special white shining armor set with red cape without helmet and all and a quest about saving someone special in the land.

And if you have Evil reputation then you could get a ripped black cape with a black armor almost identical to the good reputation armor just another colour and with an eyepatch. and the quest would be about atacking a city/village or something evil.

And it would also be great if there also are special reputation romantic interests which you ned to either be good or bad to get the certain love interest. 

Cutscene Choices

The thing the game needs are choices in the cutscenes where it might just pause and you can chose to do a certain thing all the time, and of course all cutscenes should be the same like the first cutscene in dragon's dogma 1's quest the wyrmkings ring is not the same as the second cutscene when salomet is trying to run away.

Full voiced Arisen

There should be a full voiced Arisen too, because i am a little anoyed at the fact that you never hear the arisen talk the only things are when he jumps and makes a roll.

Awesome final boss

There could also be an awesome final boss like in DD you only meet with the leader of salvation and never fight him, so maybe salvation should get a bigger bader leader who can actually fight the arisen instead of ALWAYS running away and ending up being squashed by the dragon. Maybe he should have the Evil reputation armor as default.

Fighting guards.

There should be the ability to fight the guards or escape from the guards in cities instead of just automatically being put in jail and if you want to go to jail you should just sheath you sword and they will say the no struggling line.

Jail time.

serving time in jail should also be a possibility instead of being forced to lose 5,000 gold.


there should also be mounts so you don't have to run everywhere.

More Stamina when running.

it is so anoying when i run towards a pack of bandits and then the moment i am at them to draw my weapon and attack i am exausted.

Realistic stamina usage.

When it comes to stamina usage it is quite anoying that a person with an average enough body do not have the realistic condition when running, so there should be some extra stamina usage for the different body type . Like if you are fat you use a whole lot more stamina if you are a melee vocation and of course vocations like strider ranger or magick archer should be unable to be of a fat or muscular charater when they are either too fat or too muscular to be that agile and a too thin character should not be able to run as much as an average character not the too muscular characters either when running, then you should weigh more and be able to carry less.  -Shadow the Shadow lord

I'm all for seeing more of a storyline involving the Main Pawn becoming a fully developed character. (i.e eventually becoming human, gaining a complete personality and even possibly a romance for the Arisen. Yes, I'm a silly fangirl that way. :) My Arisen and her MP are my OTP.) And I agree, a fully voiced Arisen would be awesome. Yes, co-op would be a very nice addition too! -GenkiAssassina

I'd like for them to fix/change some things. Of primary annoyance is having to click through the same dialogue (sometimes 3 or 4 pages worth) every time you talk to a vendor or innkeeper. Make it so you only have to listen to them if they have something new to say.

The pawn inclination system needs to be revamped. It should be "set it and forget it". Once I've manually set what I want it to be, don't have it change. Especially basing it off of my own behaviour is stupid. If I'm taking care of archers, I don't want my pawn doing that as well. Go for the big guy, idiot! That's why you have a shield! Teamwork means acting in concert, not in unison.

-tobarstep (talk) 14:04, February 9, 2014 (UTC)

It would be great to be able to have multiple character profiles on one PSN/XBL account. Deleting or backing up an old character to make room for a new one is not that fun, especially if you spent a couple hundred hours on that character.

More customization is a must. My favorite part of DD is that I can personalize the looks of my Arisen and Pawn. More clothes/armor would be nice, but it would even be greater if we could change the colors on the clothing for even more customization. I could go on for days about customization options, but there are other things I would like to see too.

The screenshot option should stay. It's a lot of fun taking pictures of your adventures. It would be cool if we could also physically move the camera around for more shot angles instead of just rotating it.

As for the pawn AI, it would be nice if we could fine-tune the main pawn's AI or at least give the pawns more specific commands. For example, I cannot reach a metal golem's talisman, but I have a Strider/Ranger in my party. It would be handy if I could tell the pawn to attack the talisman.

Continuing with pawn AI, it would be nice if we could change our pawns' (at least our main pawn's) tactics on the fly. My pawn should be able to adapt to my Arisen's needs. I want to be able to change my pawn's behavior from a scather to a guardian in the middle of combat if need be.

To fix the stat growth issue in DD, DD2 could implement the stat system used by FFX-2: have base stats that grow in a balanced manner, and then have different vocations impose different stat bonuses and penalties. Maybe vocation rank can even affect the bonuses and penalties as well. To encourage specialization in a class, the system can have it so that players can only master (learn all skills from) a few vocations, or it can increase the time and work it takes to rank up a vocation. It could even have it so that switching the color of your vocation incurs a DP penalty for a given amount of time.

I was never bothered by the romance mechanic in DD until I got Simone (the spoiled little girl) as my love interest. It was not in character for my Arisen to take interest in a little girl.

To improve the romance mechanic, perhaps DD2 should include an "Age" aspect for the character so that pedophilic situations don't occur. There should also be a "Sexuality" aspect in character creation to control whether your character is heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual. For gifts, you should choose how you give them: as a "friend," as an "acquaintance," as a "love interest," etc. In developing relationships in the game, you should choose how you want the relationship to be: friends, acquaintances, romances, etc. When it comes time to confront the Dragon (or whatever DD2's big boss will be), the game will choose your highest love interest if you have one. If you don't, then you will have to save one of your close friends. If you don't have anybody, then maybe you will get a special, unique confrontation and ending. Once you defeat the Dragon, the appropriate ending for the person is played. No unwanted awkward romantic scene.

Sorry about the long thread. I needed to explain some of the things that I wanted to see. What I want most is multiple character profiles. A smoother system, better AI, these things would be nice, but they're things that are always being worked on. But, yeah, the romance sure could use some refining :)

-A DD player

I'm in agreement with Irongrom's very first point: the inventory management system needs overhauling. The UI is awkward in many places, the inability to multi sort, selecting based on icon from a tiny grid (re:when asked for an item to dupe at The Black Cat), the inability to compare what you/your pawn are currently wearing vs items in inventory/storage/vendor, etc.

Next would be the pawn system - get rid of the automagic inclination changing, let players determine what inclinations they want to use. Get rid of commands causing inclinations to change, just because I yell for help right now doesn't mean I want my pawn permanently stuck to my butt, more dpad commands (combo with shoulder buttons), etc.

Honestly, those two are big. Fix those, the rest of the game's annoyances aren't as glaring. Things like more equipment sidegrades (I don't want to be locked to a certain weapon just because I want an ice-enchanted 1-h sword, etc), actual crafting (so that not everybody ends up with THE SAME end-game weapons, so boring), more movesets especially weapon-based ones (this would allow unique gear-based moves), the ability to change stances based on moves (e.g. so players who want skill X to always be the same can have it, and players who want skill X modified based on weapon can also have it), etc.

- Spinfx (talk) 01:31, February 27, 2014 (UTC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   I would love to see a Dragoon type character who excels in jumping attack and is deadly agaisnt flying creatures dealing bonus damage to them though. He would be a mix of Assassin and Ranger, he will have the same str stat growth of the Warrior (5). His main weapon would be a Spear but no secondary but he would have six slots.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Strengths: Deadly against flying foes. High pierce %. High Str gain. Jump attacks lock on to air foes.  Can evade ground attacks with jump skills. Excels against slow cumbersome enemys                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Weakness: Bad Defense stat gain. The most powerful jump attacks are casted. Hard time against agile small foes. Lock on only works on Air targets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Another few things I would like to see in the game                                                                                                                                                             1: Rain and thunderstorm. Seriously rain always make thing pretty and if you fight during a thunderstorm, not only will you get drenched but theres a chance a lightning bolt will hit you or the enemy. It would make things intense.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2: A Moon and Moon phases. The night sky seemed so empty without a Moon. The moon could add a nice depth into the night with its soft moonlight.  Depending on the current moonphases will change the behaviour of the monsters prowling the night and only on full moons could you challenge a new Boss enemy: Werewolf!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Earthjolly

What would I like to see? Well let's start with "like to see." Healing auras blind the player from threats that are right in front of them. Archers fire blindly throught the green orbs of distortion hitting nothing and sometimes wasting special arrows. Even after leaving the aura the is the residual aura-cling that continues to heal the player but still distorts the air a bit. Perhaps replacing the giant orb of distraction with a circular glyph of the ground and a light green tinge to that area. No air distortion just a tinge of green is all.

With multiplayer campaining on the rise, perhaps the ability to replace a couple pawns in your charge for another player and thier pawn. I realize that's not for everybody but for those that would like a little more intellegance on thier side rather then hoping the AI will figure it out. Like when you see a threat and tell the pawns to "go" and they just stand there and say "on my way" and continue to stand there until *they* see the threat.

A custom Banner or House Sigil for your character as well as Armour color customization. I know alot of games did away with this idea (lewd/rude symbols or words) but there is usually a disclaimer on the front of the case that says "online interactions can not be rated by the ESRB" so who cares if theres nasty people. Just leave their game and carry on. As for the Armor Coloring, being able to change a red and black pair of pants to blue and gold sounds pretty cool to me, now-a-days customization is the name of the game. I'm pretty much happy with everything else though. Character/Pawn customizing already rocked so no need to do anything to that, but i do agree that there should be a scripted voice for the male/female arisen or whatever we're to be called in the future. I also agree with multiple Files for different ply types, Maybe a chest at a pawn gulid to allow trading items between files (like clap-traps locker in BL2)


I'd like to see a polearm wielding class. Something that fights like the red viper in the episode 8 of season 4 in Game of Thrones. That would be classy, and it would make the game achieve something that barely any other has achieved - polearm/spear combat!



Swimming/More Peninsulas/Add Cryptzoology/Offline Co-op

I noticed someone said swimming. This game is so keen to detail (more so than others, anways) that I feel like some sort of item should be created in order to supress breathing. I guess a combination obtained from loot from certain aquatic enemies. It's an interesting concept and would be great to explore more than just the lands.

Speaking of land, create more peninsulas! Gransys + Bitterblack Isle was a create idea with the addition of new enemies (or recolor of other, but whatever) that I think it would be interesting to create more peninsulas possibly some focused on certain mythological creates from certain countries rather than 1 peninsula that has several. Mind you, I don't mean specifics (IE making one peninsula so heavily focused on one real country mythology that others aren't present). Just an excuse for more exploration and creatures. 

The game literally feels like a world full of the things humans have created throughout the years that I feel we shouldn't just stop with Mythological creatures in literature. Why not add things that are also spoken of to this day? I mean even adding things from Cryptzoology. Dig out everything!

Offline co-op should also be an option. The camera angle would be awful, but this game just begs to be a 2-player game. I can handle split-screen, so meh.

- Clouds (11/14/2014)

In-game I remember Mercedes talking about her homeland in Hearthstone and I remember that Aelinore's homeland is in Meliore. I also remember an NPC (I forgot his name) talking about going to the "Grand Cathedral" or something like that. 

I wanna be able to go to and explore these places and not just hear about them. It would be better if you could actually go to Hearthstone, Meliore, and The Grand Cathedral. More locations, people, cities, items. Different landscapes etc. 

-Altair012500 (11/29/2014)

More customization and crafting options for armor, weapons etc. Provide option to not display the helmet. As said previously, occurrence of enemies etc needs to be a bit more random to promote interest in grinding and also +++ games. Game was too easy, need to take some leads from BI and have more creatures and situation that truly challenge (and reward) the player. Pawns are mostly stupid and provide minimal value beyond distraction - like Dragon Age, should be options to tactically manage pawns - and maybe limit to main pawn + 1. I love this game so much, it has a great atmosphere and some of the moves, weapon abilities and spells are great to use. NPC dialogue is boring (same with pawns), doesn't allow Arisen (and player) to buy-in to the game. Need to be more cities, with more to do (not just mindless minor quests). As players we should feel engaged by the game, not compelled to complete quests that feel disconnected from the game. I'm playing this game for the third time (after initial play-through and newgame + activities. DF'ing main pawn gear should be a possibility, not forcing Arisen to swap in/out items, vocations etc. Death is a welcome change to the regular enemy, game should think about building upon this concept. Just to repeat, LOVE this game and just want more.



They should be more 'intelligent', with more dialogue capabilities. Romance options should be available. But, the most important change should be to make pawns more responsive to your orders. Even with all the personality specs...they still have a rather loose cohesion with the character adjustments. Like -----no matter how agressive or protective I make my pawn, I still catch them reacting too slowly or even running away while I am in danger.

Less plastic/wooden characters all around would be best - but playable characters especially.


Lose the rigidity when it comes to gender specific clothing and armour. Already the few examples of this 'cross-dressing' capability is too hilarious and also provocative not to expand upon with more gear options.

More hair, skin, face, & body options. Body paint.  Make sure this great game stands out as one for grown-ups.