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Spoilers incoming.

I'll apologize in advance for any format issues.

This isn't actually epic, I just wanted to prompt some discussion on whether there is something diabolical behind the cycle.

So you know how the land, sky and seas yearn for you to end the cycle? We know that people used to worship the deities of the earth, water and sky.

Catacombs = Earth

Water God's Altar = Sea

Bluemoon Tower(speculation) = Sky

People in the Newly Arisen's timeline seem to worship the maker (a religion known as The Faith) and it looks like people have turned their backs on the old gods.

The cycle we know has been referred to as cruel, by both Grette, who became a dragon and Savan, who rose to Seneschal. It has even driven some arisen mad, see the story of Ashe/Daimon. This leads me to believe there is something sinister afoot.

Land, sea and skies could simply be ways of expressing the respective old gods, who wish to see the shackles of the cycle overthrown.

One would think to do this, you would at least have to be a Seneschal. It's arguable that the cycle is considered finished once you plunge the godsbane into your chest, but NG+ seems to suggest otherwise(it also appears that Savan stabbed himself as well).

I think its safe to say at the very least that the cycle is violent. To test ones will is to throw them into battle against truly monstrous creatures, culminating in a final duel with the head honcho him/herself. This could be a construct that exists without rhyme or reason, or something created it. But what mind thinks up such a gauntlet? Perhaps the maker is responsible for the cycle, and it is the will of the arisen that sustains it. Perhaps that is why the old gods yearn to see it end.

Or maybe not. :D

Do you think there's something more? Does the cycle simply exist just because? Thoughts? Dragon's Dogma 2? teehee