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So I'm to the Final Battle, and I'm wondering if I should go through and find some better gear and level up more, or if I should just go ahead and challenge the Dragon. I'm level 46, I got up to level 7 Strider vocation, then went to Assasin and reached max vocation level, then went to Strider and I'm at vocation level 5 as a Strider. My Longbow is a level 3 Plain Longbow (I cant find one that does more damage) and level 2 Kunai.

My armor setup right now is -

Level 1 Gossips Mask

Level 2 Hard Leather Plate

Level 2 Scarlet Handgloves

Level 3 Full Chain Hosen

Level 1 Nimble Cuisses

Harpy Cloak

Barbed Nails

Restless Earring

Should I go to max vocation levels as Strider and Ranger befoe taking him on? What about my armor, oter than enhancing each one to the max? (i am also going for style here, I at least want her to look good.)

As long as you aren't struggling already against regular monsters you'll be ok. Without spoiling anything, I can say the confrontation with Dragon is set in a place with plenty of space to run around. You're also using a ranged weapon, so it should be even easier to avoid getting hurt badly. Bring a bunch of curatives for yourself if you want - don't worry about your pawns, you probably already know you can revive them an infinite amount of times.
If anything, the fight is set up for story impact rather than being a level/gear check. Just remember that all the gear the Arisen (but not any pawns') is wearing will get dragonforged. - Spinfx (talk) 01:00, March 28, 2014 (UTC)