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Ok, so way way way way way back before dragons dogma was released/advertised I'd seen a review by some guy with a British accent and was under the impression mobs were randomized. The prospect of being ambushed by a chimera or dragon or some other massive beast just for leaving the path was a massive lure for me. Even when I found out they weren't planning a p.c. Release. In my early gameplay having my pawns warn me about horrible sea monsters especially when using a torch at night resulted in countless hours of standing on the beach instead of leveling up. Then I came to realize: stagnant spawns and the water only has fish and brine. I know people mod/cheat. Anyone who's seen the leader board knows that. I never bothered but now I'm wondering if any of the mob files can be tapped into. Maybe I can finally have my random mobs. I'd held hopes for a pc port even though ports typically suck, but that's not happening... Anyone who's fiddled with the files able to tell me more?

It should very well be possible, to mod those files, but I got no Idea about the "how" and I only know the way for PS3:

first of all, you need your PS3 "Jailbreaked". the Programm is actually called Jailbreak, but Sony doesn't like it when people install it, every Patch seams to remove this Programm from the PS3. I'm not sure, but you might even get banned for installing it.

Once installed you can install modded game Patches, perhaps you can even mod the files like on PC. (wanted something similar for Skyrim - new houses, curser and such stuff)

Personaly I haven't modefied my PS3, as I didn't want to be banned, so it's lots of speculation. But I'm 100% sure, you need Jailbreak for this.

-- Ba35 sig Ba35 talk 08:48, May 17, 2014 (UTC)