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Any ideas for an optimized build?

Try 1-10 as a fighter or mage whatever one you prefer, after that 10-100 as an assassin than 100-200 as a sorcerer than whatever augments that suit your build =p

I started with Mage, played up to around level 100 I think, and then went to Magick Archer, and then to Mystic Knight.  Magic built up, and 2 augments with Magick Archer, Resistance and Magnitude, which also apply to Mystic Knight (protection against magic damage and increasing debilitations of Mystic Knight skills).  Basically, build toward high magic and physical damage stats, while learning how to cast and activate skills during battles so you're not getting staggered or knocked down by enemy attacks which then stop your casting/skill activation.  Also, learning monster vulnerabilities in terms of archmagick debilitations and damage is one important idea for building a Mystic Knight and being able to play the vocation effectively.