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Soo i have the dragons dogma dark arisen copy and have had a bit of a hard time finding and accessing alot of the dlc. most of the problems were, since i had never played the original dragons dogma, i wasnt sure where the original parts ended and the dlc began. for the most part i was able to find most of the content through checking the wiki and finding the dlc items through montebank, however, all of the content from crucible of the lost just never seemed to show up. i had progressed through all of the bitterblack isle and defeated daimon and his awakened form several times before i even knew about crucible of the lost. i didnt really notice until i was looking for vivifying incense to use as an upgrade material, and barroch didnt carry it.

Anyway sorry the question came out a little disjointed, what i really want to know is, since it says in olras access to the playstation store not to download that content if you have ddda, how am i supposed to access any of it? I've checked with both barroch and montebank for the fiend-luring incense and cant find it anywhere? also, whether i find that or not, how do i que barrochs final inventory update?

Only suggestions I have are check the pages Barroch & The Crucible of the Lost & Fiend Luring Incense
IG myst sig 04:01, January 7, 2014 (UTC)