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USER NAME: NativeHonkie

CONSOLE: xbox360

You may want to check out the GameFaq boards for your console

Look for an "Official Pawn Sharing Club" thread. Players are still pretty active through that forum and you are almost guaranteed hires as long as you abide by the "Terms" set forth.

Good luck!

Brohamond (talk) 23:51, June 4, 2014 (UTC)

--Thanks for that tip I'll check it out. I was just going to be a nerd and update this spot and give a little story on who my pawn is :)


PAWN: Evol is her name, her source is a different type of PAWN, one not from this world nor from Gransys but a created PAWN from nightmares. She was born from a character named Xavier from another realm. When I say born I mean created. She is everything he fears. Now here in Gransys she searches for a new victim one she seems to have found, a dragon slayer. Through their adventures she guides him to trap him, but in the end she is the one that gets trapped..... Will she return to Xavier in this new form, or will she forever be stuck in Gransys to be a pawn.

She is a cunning woman but very smart, she loves to mine the ore of the land, fascinated with the stones of this earth perhaps seeking a element to return her home. No worries friend she will guide you well.... even if she is half demon and half PAWN. Hire her and enjoy her. She seeks more then adventure.

She is a good helper :)