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Well I need more RC and it's hard seeing all my RC going down the drain in BBI, so I need some help. My pawn is very useful since he started as a fighter and finshed as a warrior. It would be awesome if you guys hire him since he would be able to attack almost any enemy.

PSN: Kikiteza

Pawn: Greed (Guy)

Level 200: Strider

Primary Skills:

  • Hundred Kisses
  • Soaring Stone(Lvl. 3)
  • Brain Splitter(Lvl. 3)

Secondary Skills:

  • Fivefold Flurry
  • Hailstorm Volley(Lvl. 3)
  • Pentad Shot
  • He has Shadow hood, guantlants, and bottoms GOLD FORGED.
  • Coat of Oblivion GOLD FORGED.
  • Sovereign's Mantle GOLD FORGED.
  • Framae Blades and Darkening Storm GOLD FORGED.
  • Silk Tights and Patterned Gambseon GOLD FORGED.