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Hi, i'm a new member of this Wiki but it's some times i read strategies and info about the game and you have been very usefull ^^

Here's the question.....i'm trying to get BB Weapon Lvl 2 and 3 for my Warrior.....I red that the purifing process of cursed items depends on the Vocation of the Arisen and main, why do i get Mystic Knight Weapon and Shield even if both Arisen and pawn are Warrior ?

I started the game with a Mage ArisEn and a Fighter Pawn....i changed Vocation of the Arisen 3 times, becoming Sorcerer, then Mystic Knight and now pawn changed 1 Vocations becoming Warrior

Now both are Warrior but I keep getting wrong Weapons......WHY ??

Thanks to everyone ^^

Here's how it works from what I know.The item yu pick can be three diff items, a red ( MK, warrior fighter or assasin weapon) yellow ( ranger, strider, MA , assasin) or blue ( mage, MK, Sorc, MA) . Depending on whihc voc you and your pawn are you'll get one corresponding to your colour. So vcen Warriors get MK gear. The way it works out is you are in a cycle and the only way to get warrior weapons is to keep purifiying because if you discard any and get new items they will be the same as what you dropped cuz the game wants you to spend rift crystals. Funnily enough I have the same problem in reverse I keep getting warrior gear for my MK.

Ok so i have to purify weapons without discarding them (already done since now, i discard nothing, I sell everything) and hope to get the right weapon for my class.....

Do you think that selling Weapons obtained after purifing process is the same as if i discard them ?

Maybe this is the problem....i got twice a MK Shield that i've alredy rarefied at max level :/


No once purification is complete the next item in your cycle will come up as far as I know. I sold a bunch of stuff but still managed to get Sapfire Daggers eventually. Bu at the end of the day its all about luck for instance my first ten weapons were twinpaler times 2, gransys flamberege times 3 and boltbringer times 4 and shooting star times 1

Ok so I'll keep purifing Weapons....hope to get something good as i'll kill Daimon.....I tried to kill him with the Sorcerer but he was too strong and my level was too low (75 if I remeber) i'm 127 with 2.500 strenght (not so high, i was Sorcerer for many Level so my strenght is not so high) and as i kill Death i'll go to face him

Thanks for the info ;)