I need help guys. I have completed all of the following (and more) which I confirmed one by one in the history tab. The trophy hasn't popped yet. [PS3]. The ONLY one not showing on the completed quests list, but I'm sure I have done, is Mettle Against Metal.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? Just finished my 2nd playthrough and want to skip as many quests and possible if I dont need to do them all again. 

Please let me know!

1. A Fortress Besieged

2. A Matter of Myrmidons

3. An Innocent Man

4. An Uninvited Guest

5. A Parting Gift

6. Arousing Suspicion

7. A Rude Awakening

8. A Troublesome Tome

9. A Warm Welcome

10. Bad Business

11. Chasing Shadows

12. Come to Court

13. Deeper Trouble

14. Deep Trouble

15. Deny Salvation

16. Duchess In Distress

17. Dying of Curiosity

18. Escort Duty

19. Farewell, Valmiro

20. Fathom Deep

21. Floral Delivery

22. Griffin's Bane

23. Grim Tidings

24. Guard Duty

25. Honor and Treachery

26. Idol Worship

27. Land of Opportunity

28. Lost and Found

29. Lost Faith

30. Lure of the Abyss

31. Mettle Against Metal  [DONE BUT NOT IN LIST]

32. Nameless Terror

33. No Honor Among Thieves

34. Off With Its Head

35. Of Merchants and Monsters

36. Pride Before a Fall

37. Reaper's Scorn

38. Rise of the Fallen

39. Search Party

40. Seeking Salvation

41. Strength in Numbers

42. Supplier's Demand

43. Supply and Demands

44. Talent in Bloom

45. The Conspirators

46. The Cypher

47. The Dragon's Tongue

48. The Final Battle

49. The Watergod's Altar

50. The Wyrmking's Ring

51. Thick as Thieves

52. Trial and Tribulations

53. Witch Hunt
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