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Just wanted to make an introduction to introduce myself, so i'm introducing myself.


Now that i have introduced myself, we can begin in earnest to discuss "Other Matters".

I've considered trying to appease local cultural traditions by adding sentences such as "Wow this is so cool!", or, "ZOMG HELLO EVERYBODY! I WANT FREE STUFF!" & "I might actually get to talk to people!" But upon realizing that such a cultured tribe with a respectable heritege deserves better, but seeing i lack the driving force to conjure such divine statements. I shall make non.

Anyway, I'm here to help & give this game just a little more life in it. Still rather fresh (lvl60-ish), but should folks require nuagth with assitance of various forms, i'll see to it.

I do appriciate the fact there is so much dark souls fans here, but demon souls team wikia, i have a feeling there might be someone hiding here.

Also, PSN: Khal_Weaver     Pawn: Dark Star

Got any requets let me know.

Good hunting out there!