Forward Roll is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Curls forward into a tumble. Effective as an evasive maneuver."


  • It can be used by holding down your dagger skill button and pressing the shown button on your skill display. The left analog stick is used to choose the direction you wish to roll.
  • Also called Dodge Roll. The character curls forward into a tumble as an evasive maneuver. It can also be employed when your weapons are sheathed as long as daggers are equipped. It can also be used as a means of travel since it is faster than jogging and doesn't use any stamina.
  • Stamina regenerates normally while this move is performed, so you can alternate between a few seconds of running and then do a few rolls to let your stamina top up again; this lets you travel at virtually a running pace all the time and not deplete your stamina in the process.
  • With the addition of Dark Arisen, this skill changes into a faster and slightly farther moving version with invincibility frames. It is also easier to control.