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Fournival is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


Fournival Frescobaldi is a salesman and nobleman in Dragon's Dogma. He is the father of Symone and the main subject of the quest "Trials and Tribulations". A shrewd businessman, he is a wealthy and magnanimous man with a high-class bearing. Due to his economic influence, he counts many important NPCs as friends, such as Ser Daerio of the northern watch and the Chamberlain of the Gran Soren Cathedral. Some authorities, however, suspect some of his profit is acquired from activities that are less than legal. Even if so, he seems to have had positive influence on the growth and maintenance of Gransys's economy, leaving the Arisen with an interesting moral dilemma should they involve themselves with his trial.


  • In the morning he can be found in his house Fournival Manor in the Noble Quarter. In the afternoon he travels towards The Black Cat taking the road past the Grand Cathedral and taking a left before the inn. Before he leaves he talks to Symone outside his house who can be seen waving him away as he leaves. If Symone is standing outside the house it means you have missed him and he is either underway to The Black Cat or there already. In the evening he travels back to his house where he will stay for the remainder of the day.
  • Once the quest; Escort Duty becomes available he will be at his house as well talking to Symone downstairs.
  • During the quest; Trial and Tribulations he will stay at his house until he is either found guilty or innocent.
  • The only sure way to meet him until post game is to rest until morning and go to his house as he will always be there no matter which part of the game you are in. 


Fournival buys and sells "rarities" such as ferrystones, and if he is found innocent during his trial (preferable choice long-term), he will reduce his prices considerably, making him the BEST place to regularly attain Ferrystones for 10,000g each (3 in stock max). As of Dark Arisen, he sells Ferrystones for 1,000g each. He will also begin selling the Magnanimous Cloak, an item which heals or restores stamina to all of your pawns whenever you use a healing or stamina restoring item on yourself. It takes him 8 days to restock on Wakestone Shards.

He is also romanceable and can be captured by the Dragon.


Items SoldEdit


Curative Stock Price Availability
Tagilus's Miracle 3,500G ???
Steel Nut Salve 3,500G ???
Salomet's Secret 3,500G ???
Decoction of Bandlily 3,000G ???
Mushroom Potage 2,500G ???
Sobering Wine 6,000G ???


Tool Stock Price Availability
Coin Purse of Charity 7,500G Stage 2+
Conqueror's Periapt 1,500G Stage 2+
Angel's Periapt 1,000G Stage 2+
Demon's Periapt 1,500G Stage 2+
Mage's Periapt 1,000G Stage 2+
Monk's Periapt 2,000G Stage 2+
Pilgrim's Charm 70,000G ???
Vigor Extract 1,350G ???
Serenity Extract 1,000G ???
Silverwheat Paste 3,500G ???
Goldbean Grind 3,500G ???
Maker's Finger 1 300,000G Stage 2+
Ferrystone 3 10,000G Stage 2+
Dragon's Gaze 3,980G ???


Other Stock Price Availability
Wakestone Shard 1 15,000G Stage 2+


Cloak Stock Price Availability
Magnanimous Cloak 118,800G Stage 3+


  • "Any rarities to sell? I'll pay you handsomely."


  • After proving Fournival innocent in Trials and Tribulations, he offers a 10% discount on all his items.
  • Post game, you won't be able to access him in his house. You have to wait until afternoon (game time) when he heads towards The Black Cat. Alternatively, an Arisen with Vortex Trail (or any similar skill) can "occupy" the guards and prevent Fournival from running away. 
  • Another way to easily access him post game, is to max his affinity. He will then live in Cassardis (post game). This method is not favorable, due to the fact that it technically makes Fournival your love interest.
  • Fournival will purchase items with 'A rarity' in the description for 20% more gold than other merchants.


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