Fracture Dart is a Fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Splinter Dart. Sends up an explosive arrow that splits in mid-air, showering an even wider area with smaller missiles."

An advanced version of Splinter Dart.


  • Press and hold the bound button to shoot, and then release the button to trigger the explosion.
    • Unlike Downpour Volley, the trajectory of this attack can not be altered, though the position it explodes along its flight can be.
    • Pawns are very effective at using this skill and can be observed to learn the correct positioning.
    • The darts follow a high parabolic arc which gains enough height to easily hit a hovering Drake or Hydra's heads - the arc makes land only a few body lengths in front of the archer.
  • The darts will impinge on low ceilings and not explode properly.

Damage and tactics

  • When used properly, the darts explode in the air, dealing explosive damage, and have a chance to inflict burning.
    • If the darts are not exploded before they hit the ground, the explosion will not be as effective - it is better to trigger the explosion just above ground for maximum effect.
    • The explosion has good knockdown, and can reliably knock Drakes from their flight.
  • If used correctly, damage output can be very high, as good as or better than Downpour Volley.
  • Pawns with good Bestiary knowledge can be problematic with this skill in enclosed spaces, such as often found in Bitterblack Isle, as they will use it exclusively against creatures with Fire weakness; however they do not recognise that the darts are missing the target constantly due to striking a low ceiling and so will not actually contribute to the battle.


  • A similar mechanic is used for the correct release of Magick Archer's Magickal Gleam.
  • This skill can remove the wooden bar on the opposite side of a gated door, if it can be fired beyond the gate.