Free-Spoken Earring is a jewelry piece available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A magickal earring aglow with a curious light. Heightens resistance to silencing."

The ring is sold by Delec in Chamber of Estrangement of The Everfall and by Madeleine.

It may also be found in chests inside The Greatwall, or in Soulflayer Canyon - slide down the right path after the tunnel on the south side the long bridge guarded by a Cyclops. May also be found in chests in The Blighted Manse and Duskmoon Tower.

Defense 1
Silence Resistance +60%

Usable By

DDicon fighterDDicon striderDDicon mage DDicon assassinDDicon magicarcherDDicon magicknight DDicon warriorDDicon rangerDDicon sorcerer


Jewelry Free-Spoken Earring