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Frontier Caverns
Dragon's Dogma - Frontier Caverns
Location Info
The Shadow Fort

Frontier Caverns is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Frontier Caverns are located just beyond The Shadow Fort and you must travel through The Shadow Fort to reach it. There are many quests that will have you travel to the fort. From Gran Soren you can go through the The Ancient Quarry's north entrance and once through then head northwest, through the forest. Once the quest A Fortress Besieged has been completed, there won't be any enemies left in the fort. Otherwise, it will be full of Goblins and Cyclops.

Once inside The Shadow Fort area, there is a Goblin-dug tunnel just to the right of the fort doors that you can fit in just before the fort entrance. Drop down the hole and follow the cave to the Frontier Caverns. The hand icon in the map image below points to the entrance to the tunnel:


Frontier Caverns entrance hole location


Points of Interest Edit

There is chest behind a closed gate that cannot be accessed until Post-dragon .

Pawn Travels KnowledgeEdit

  • Trying to operate the large iron gate opposite the entrance gate to the Proving Grounds during the Notice Board quest, Put the Eye Out, may grant Pawn Status Travels Knowledge for the Frontier Caverns.
  • It is possible for Pawns to acquire two stars of Pawn Status Travels Knowledge for the Frontier Caverns after engaging the Goblins in the first chamber, in which case trying to activate the gate in the Proving Grounds may not grant Knowledge.


Simply enter into Frontier Caverns to unlock the below achievement.


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