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Frontier Caverns is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Frontier Caverns are tunnels accessed from within The Shadow Fort via a Goblin-dug tunnel in the far northwest corner of the fort. See the hand pointer on the map below for the location of the entrance.


Frontier Caverns entrance hole location


Enemies Edit

  • Goblins
  • Hobgoblin (carrying torches which they may throw at the party to inflict Burning)

Points of Interest Edit

There is chest behind a closed gate that cannot be accessed until Post-dragon, when this chest is part of the reward for completing A Challenge.

Pawn Travels KnowledgeEdit

  • Trying to operate the large iron gate opposite the entrance gate to the Proving Grounds during the Notice Board quest, Put the Eye Out, may grant Pawn Status Travels Knowledge for the Frontier Caverns.
  • It is possible for Pawns to acquire two stars of Pawn Status Travels Knowledge for the Frontier Caverns after engaging the Goblins in the first chamber, in which case trying to activate the gate in the Proving Grounds may not grant Knowledge.

Items Edit

In addition to items dropped by dispatched goblins, the caverns contain abundent Devilwort, Gold and also thrown flammables; the goblins have left items in a number of gather spots.

See also Proving Grounds, which has three treasure chests.


Simply enter into Frontier Caverns to unlock the Into the Frontier Caverns achievement.

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