Full Moon Slash is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Compass Slash. Spins with blade extended, slicing through multiple foes at a broad range."

An advanced version of Compass Slash. Strikes all foes in a 360 degree field multiple times, whilst gaining some invulnerability to attack.


  • Much like Reversals in Capcom's fighting games, Compass Slash and Full Moon Slash give you the ability to interrupt and strike enemies, making them extremely effective defensive techniques, especially when surrounded.
  • For the duration of this move, the player is invulnerable. Timed correctly, this can be used to avoid attacks while simultaneously counterattacking. This can even be employed to 'override' enemy moves that would hurt or knock down the Arisen. Attacks to which this skill grants invincibility whilst attacking include:
    • A Dragon's tail whip or its breath.
    • Death's Sleep spell.
    • Exequy cast by creatures
  • Furthermore, due to the skill's natural quality of being deployable even when under attack, it can be used to snap the user out of "knockout" attacks, such as when getting hit by wyrmfire, being hit by thundershock or being affected by wind buffets.