Garm are an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Information and Stats

Garm are huge, wolf-like quadrupedal beasts that typically appear in packs.  Prior to noticing the Arisen or party members, Garm will be rending and eating the corpses of the slain.

Garm are necrophagous creatures; the stench of death and rotting corpses attracts them. Their appearances are not entirely random as the Arisen can influence the spawn rate of Garm, however, the more death within Bitterblack Isle, the more likely one or more of these creatures will spawn.

Using Rancid Bait Meat will lure one or more of these creatures. Garm belong to the Wolf family of monsters. Garm can be encountered in packs of two or three, or as solitary individuals.

Wolves / Necrophages
Base Experience of 29,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:



Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
75000 3900 830 1800 770  ??
Resistances Slash Bash FIRE BASED
100% 70% 70% 70% 150% 125% 20%
Information from  : Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen ( , and from in-game testing..


Attack Type Description
Blinding Mist Spec The Garm exhales a black mist causing Blindness for those afflicted.
Ram and Toss Phys Using a two hit attack, the Garm rams its head into the foe and then launches them up into the air. Players hit by this attack will take fall damage.
Grab and Drag Phys Grabs a target who has been knocked to the floor and drags them a fair distance away, dealing constant damage. Then it will maul and exhale Blinding Mist causing Blindness until freed (wiggle L-stick). Other Garm can join in on this attack, increasing damage and the likelihood of death.
Last Breath Phys/Spec Upon death, the Garm will let out a final Blinding Mist from their bodies dealing damage and causing Blindness.


  • Garm behaviour and attack pattens are similar to wolfs -they will attempt to physically shake off the oil from their hides when tarred, and will roll on the ground when burning.


  • Garm cannot attack targets perched above them.
  • Garm cannot attack targets mounting them.
  • Garm spew a toxic cloud which can cause Blindness. When the Garm lifts its head up and stands still, it is preparing to spew. The lingering cloud can even blind the party after the Garm is killed.
  • In some areas of Bitterblack Isle like the Garden of Ignominy, Garm may randomly spawn during or after a battle.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

For full informations, refer to the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge page or the according section on the Wolf page.

Specific techniques

  • Weak to Lightning.
  • Getting hit by their mist breath and becoming blinded will grant knowledge.
  • Causing them to Sleep MAY grant knowledge.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it may be necessary for Pawns to obtain a combined kill count with Wargs of 300, either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

Spawning Garm Infinitely (exploit)

Spawning Garm is very predictable, as any room that spawns a Garm will always consistently spawn Garm, usually in a pack of two or three. The spawn rate and number of Garm spawned may change after defeating Daimon for the first time, but their spawn locations will always remain the same. As with all Necrophagic enemies; the more corpses are present in an area, the more likely these creatures will spawn.

The following steps can be taken:

  1. When in the Garden of Ignominy (Or any other location Garm frequently spawn) defeat all enemies [1] that spawn.
  2. Save the game.
  3. Stab the Arisen by using the Godsbane.
  4. Reload the save.
  5. Upon reloading drop a piece of Rancid Bait Meat. Garm will spawn.
  6. Defeat all the Garm.
  7. Zone the area by leaving and then re-enter.[2]
  8. Repeat the steps 2-7 above to re-spawn Garm again.[3]

  1. Goblin corpses generally attract Garm more often, where Saurian corpses attract Death.
  2. Eventually, enemy corpses will decompose. Enemies must be refreshed and killed again.
  3. This procedure can also be used to farm Death.


  • In Norse mythology, Garmr or Garm is a dog associated with Ragnarök, and described as a blood-stained watchdog that guards Hel's gate. (Source Wikipedia:Garmr)
  • Garm is also the name of the dog in Farmer Giles of Ham by J.R.R. Tolkien.