Giant Bat is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma


Giant Bats are larger mammals of the order, Chiroptera. In truth, they are not very large as the name suggests, but they do prove to be a nuisance when attempting to spelunk. They are primarily found in the caves of Gransys.

Information and Stats

Giant Bats will die in one hit, and provide little XP. Bats cause minor Health damage, but can poison the vulnerable. More dangerous in large swarms if not quickly dispatched, so make sure you swat them down.

On Hard Mode, one Bat can whittle down your health at an alarming rate.


  • Faster weapons or weapons which strike a large area in one hit are effective when fending off a Giant Bat. On Hard Mode these enemies deal significant damage and need to be dealt with swiftly.
  • They often drop 100 RC when slain by a person with the Fortune augment equipped.
  • If the Arisen simply blocks with a shield, pawns will slay all the bats to protect the Arisen.


Giant Bats are found in throughout Gransys in abandoned domains, including :

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The following items can be stolen from Giant Bats using Master Thief.