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Giant Fish is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A truly enormous fish. Consume it to recover a great deal of Stamina."

"Affects a single target. A combinable material. Time sensitive. Restores more Stamina. Favored by men of Gran Soren."


  • Restores 800 Stamina.

Notes Edit

  • Wait 2-3 days for the Giant fish to turn rank before keeping it in an Airtight flask, as this will dramatically increase its stamina-restoring properties (full restoration). Sleeping in an inn will accelerate this process.

Related quests Edit


  • It can be gathered from fish pools on the hidden beach next to Caverns of Delusion (below from the Tomb of the Unknown Traveler)
  • It can be gathered from fish pools on Bloodwater Beach.
  • It can be gathered from a fish pool on the Unusual Beach.
  • It can be gathered from the two fish pools underneath the epitaph when you first enter Bitterblack Isle: First floor.
  • Also found in several gather spots on the river running from Nightcall Crevasse north-west of The Ruins of Aernst Castle.
  • Can be gathered from the pool at the base of the waterfall upstream on the river in the Witchwood; and at a gather pool at the end of that river, before it descends a waterfall to the deeper part of the witchwood; another river pool mid way between the two also may yield a giant fish.
  • More common at night (80-100% chance).


Component to

Item Item Product
Giant Fish + Airtight Flask = Kept Giant Fish
Giant Fish + Pickled Mushrooms = Liquid Vim

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