Giant Fish is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A truly enormous fish. Consume it to recover a great deal of Stamina."

A Giant Fish restores 800 Stamina. Over time it degrades into Giant Rank Fish.

Such fish can be gathered from fish pools on the hidden beach next to Caverns of Delusion (below from the Tomb of the Unknown Traveler); on Bloodwater Beach; on the Unusual Beach; in several gather spots on the river around and in Nightcall Crevasse; and in pools in the forest river in the Witchwood.

On Bitterblack Isle they can be gathered from the two fish pools underneath the epitaph just inside the main door at Bitterblack Isle Harbor.

At night Giant fish are a much more common catch - as much as a 4 in 5 chance.

Related quests


Component to

Item Item Product
Giant Fish + Airtight Flask = Kept Giant Fish
Giant Fish + Pickled Mushrooms = Liquid Vim


  • Unless you are keeping them for Ocean's Bounty, wait 2-3 days for the Giant fish to turn rank before keeping it in an Airtight flask, as this will dramatically increase its stamina-restoring properties (full restoration). If, however, you intend to sell it, you will get the best price when it is fresh.