Giant Rat is a Enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


Giant Rats are larger rodents of the genus, Rattus. They are commonly found in groups inside small dark caves and similar areas. They are mildly aggressive towards the player, though they present no real threat. They may be picked by the scruff of the neck and thrown to make squeaky sounds.


  • Usually found in caves or other dark places throughout Gransys .
  • Dripstone Cave beneath Cassardis.
  • Throughout the corridors of Bitterblack Isle.

Item Drops

The following items can be stolen from Giant Rats using Master Thief.


  • Giant Rats WILL bite the Arisen without provocation.
  • They often drop 100 RC when slain by a person with the Fortune augment equipped.
  • Easter Egg - When a live Giant Rat is grabbed and thrown by the Arisen, pawns in the group will attempt to grab the thrown rodent and throw it as well. This can potentially lead to a short game of catch between pawns and Arisen. The "game" will inevitably end when the rat attacks one of the group and is subsequently slaughtered.