Gicel is an Ice based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Conjures a twisting spike of ice that thrust forward from the ground."


  • Upgrades to High Gicel.
  • This spell does both Ice-based Magick and physical damage (for example, it can break a Metal Golem disk), determined by the user's Strength and Magick stats.
  • Has the chance to freeze an enemy.
  • This spell works with group spellcasting.
  • Has a destructive effect against environmental objects of similar power to that from explosive barrels.
    • eg. It can be used to break the fragile walls inside The Greatwall castle, and can also be used to separate ore from mineable rocks without a pickaxe. To perform either aim Gicel with the reticule provided by pressing R3 to activate manual aiming.


  • Gicel in River, against a Saurian.