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"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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Godsbane dagger
Item Info
Base Weight
Forgery Cost
99,999 G
1 G
Quest Item

Godsbane is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An almighty, divine blade received along with your returned heart. Has the power to guide the chosen to true freedom."


The Godsbane blade is a moniker that describes two weapons in the game: a black longsword and a short, gladius-bladed dagger with a similar hilt, both of which are designed to permanently kill an ascended Arisen.

The longsword version is apparently stored within the body of the current Seneschal and can be summoned once the Seneschal is defeated so the victorious Arisen can release them from their duty.

The dagger version is an inventory item found in the tool section of the player's inventory after defeating the red dragon, Grigori. When selected, the Arisen takes the dagger and turns it to his chest. Pressing the plunge option kills the Arisen and forces them to return the last checkpoint. The only time one can use it in a meaningful manner is once an Arisen has taken the Seneschal's throne at the end of the game.

Dragons dogma godsbane

The in-game model of the Godsbane.



The only time in the game Godsbane must be used is at the end of Final Judgement in order to begin New Game Plus.

The Godsbane serves as a faster means to "Quit game without saving", hastening reloading times by bypassing the main menu screen.

All of the uses of the Godsbane listed below may also be accomplished by pausing the game, selecting "Save" and choosing "Quit game without saving" (especially relevant for players during their first Pre-Game playthrough).

  • Using the dagger will begin New Game Plus after defeating the Seneschal or activate a cutscene during the first trial. However a Wakestone must be used or the action results only in a death. Using it prior to these points will only result in a standard death, where the player may reload their game or use a Wakestone.
  • The Godsbane is used by many players to "farm" loot in the Everfall and Bitterblack Isle. Saving before opening a chest or killing bosses, then killing themselves with the Godsbane and reload from the Retry menu takes less time than quitting the game to the Main Menu and loading the game from there.
  • The Godsbane can also be used for reversing Purification in Bitterblack Isle, however, the contents remain the same, this is primarily used for fixing the content when gifting to Support Pawns
  • The Godsbane may be duplicated at The Black Cat for 99,999 Gold. The item replicated is not listed as a forgery and functions in exactly the same manner as the original.
  • The Godsbane may be used as a gift to other players and can be used in pre-Post-Game games. As such it functions as normal in killing the Arisen.
  • If the Godsbane is used in New Game Plus, the player will die just like any other death and can use a Wakestone to revive themselves.
  • Deaths caused by Godsbane will not register in the player's death history.
  • Using the Godsbane after Hired Pawns are taken by the Brine, slain by Death, fall off a cliff, or die in battle will prevent a default 3 star rating from being given. As long as the player does not sleep at an inn or Resting Bench before Godsbaning, no pawn data (such as Rift Crystals earned, Bestiary Knowledge, or gifts) is uploaded to the server.


  • The function of the Godsbane blade is similar to that of The Infinity Blade from Chair Entertainment and Epic Game's Infinity Blade;
  • The Godsbane serves to kill the Arisen. In ancient Japanese culture the act of seppuku[1] is used by Samurai who failed or dishonored their lords. Although the act differs in execution: the Godsbane pierces the sternum while seppuku is disembowlment, and its purpose is different: simply killing yourself or performing an honor death in front of an audience, it is the only reference in Japanese history that shows similarities.

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