Gold Idol is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A figurine required to do business with a talented artisan. This one is crafted of fine gold."

The Gold Idol is a unique item, obtainable only from Symone as a reward for completing the quest Escort Duty perfectly.

The Gold Idol and Gold Idol Forgery grant 30% discount at many vendors, but only the true Gold Idol will improve the stock at shops when gifted as part of the quests Idol Worship or Supplier's Demand.


Shop discounts

Carrying the Gold Idol (or a forgery) in the party's active inventory will reduce shop prices by 30%, in Cassardis, Gran Soren, and from travelling vendors.

Discounts are not given at The Black Cat or by Fournival, and Enhancing costs are unchanged.


  • Forging the Gold Idol to get a Gold Idol Forgery costs 187,500 G at The Black Cat.
  • The discount effect does not stack with other objects or papers granting a discount.
    • The Gold Idol and Gold Idol Forgery give the best shop discount of all items.
    • A discount item needs to be in the party's inventory and not storage for the discount to be given.


  • In the vanilla version of Dragon's Dogma, if the Gold Idol is forged, the discount for the original copy will be bugged and is nullified. As of Dark Arisen, the bug has been corrected.