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Gold Idol
Golden Idol Num-Highres
Item Info
Base Weight
Forgery Cost
125.000 G
30.000 G
Quest Item

Gold Idol is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A figurine required to do business with a talented artisan. This one is crafted of fine gold."

"Gives a shop discount. Favored by Fournival."



  • Quest reward from the quest; Escort Duty. Symone's maximum satisfaction must be met, which means giving her full attention at all time, otherwise this item will be missed. Refer to the Escort Duty quest page for a more detailed guide on how to successfully obtain this item.

Related QuestsEdit

Items unlocked by Gold IdolEdit


Item Type Alternate Locations
Chest Quests Shop
Galvanic Razors Dagger The Tainted Mountain Temple - -
Kunai Dagger Soulflayer Canyon U1
Greatwall Encampment
- -
Sultry Cowl Head Armor Chamber of Hope
Chamber of Hesitation
The Tainted Mountain Temple
- -
Sultry Pareo Torso Armor Chamber of Tragedy
Chamber of Hope
A Promised Meeting -
Arm Crest Arms Armor Soulflayer Canyon - Reynard
Flame Skirt Leg Armor The Tainted Mountain
Chamber of Estrangement
- -
Ring of Ruby Accoutrement Chamber of Hesitation
Chamber of Fate
Chamber of Estrangement
Chamber of Inspiration
- -


Item Type Alternate Locations
Chest Quests Shop
Almace Sword The Tainted Mountain Temple
Soulflayer Canyon
- -
Thousand Stings


Soulflayer Canyon U1
Greatwall Encampment F1
- -
Ardent Will Longsword Greatwall Encampment F3
The Tainted Mountain Temple
- -
Rooted Gloom Warhammer - Company for the Road 2 -
Galvanic Razors Dagger The Tainted Mountain Temple - -
Algid Bloom Staff Greatwall Encampment
The Tainted Mountain Temple
- -
Stagnant Surge Archistaff Greatwall Encampment Mettle Against Metal -
Orilux Shield Shield Greatwall Encampment
The Tainted Mountain Temple
- -
Thunder Kite Shield Magick Shield Pastona Cavern
Barta Crags
Bluemoon Tower
- -
Pleached Limbs Bow The Tainted Mountain Temple - -
Veteran's Arc Longbow Greatwall Encampment - -
Gimble Gyre Magick Bow Greatwall Encampment F3
The Tainted Mountain Temple
- -


  • The discount effect given by the Badge of Merit, Bronze/Silver/Gold Idol will NOT stack. Only the highest given discount of the best item in your inventory will be used.
    • For example: If the player has all the above discount items in their inventory, the discount will be based on only the Gold Idol's discount of 30%.
  • Idols given for quest turn will only alter the merchant's stock once the player reaches level 35 and 2 days have passed.
    • Only original idols will cause Madeleine and Caxton to upgrade their shops, giving them forgeries won't, however, accomplish the quest properly.
    • Inventory upgrades automatically carry over to subsequent playthroughs.
  • No discount on enhancing items.
  • A Gold Idol Forgery will grant the same discount as the original.
    • It is recommended to make a forgery of the Gold Idol at The Black Cat. This allows the player to retain the discounted bonus and turn in the item for a quest completion.
  • The Gold Idol's discount does not take effect in shops such as Fournival's and the The Black Cat.
  • Items that give discount bonuses do not have to be in the Arisen's inventory. Pawns can carry the item and the Arisen will still receive the discount.
  • It is not the end of the world if the Arisen misses out on the Gold Idol. By the time the Arisen reaches the Everfall or starts acquiring Bitterblack Isle equipment, the extra equipment added to either Caxton's or Madeleine's inventory is outdated and outclassed.


  • In the vanilla version of Dragon's Dogma, if the Gold Idol is forged, the discount for the original copy will be bugged and is nullified. As of Dark Arisen, the bug has been corrected.

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