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Gorechimera is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma


Similar to a regular Chimera, a Gorechimera is a stronger version found throughout Gransys.

Unlike a Chimera it has the ability to heal itself, making it more difficult to slay. The Goat can cast Anodyne, restoring the creature's HP, and the snake tail if cut off regenerates in a manner similar to a Hydra. It also differs from a regular Chimera in that it has a black lion head, a dark reddish snake, and a white goat's head.

But like a regular Chimera, a Gorechimera's goat head is vulnerable to physical attacks, and the lion head is vulnerable to magic. Severing the snake tail will usually cause a Gorechimera to collapse, though the tail will regrow after some time.

Monster / Boss
Base Experience of 13,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:



Bitterblack Isle (Post-Daimon)


On destroying the snake's head

On destroying the goat's head

On destroying the lion's head


Master Thief may yield



Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
Lion 30000 1400 360 250 300 2,000 kg
Goat 30000 500 260 1200 750
Snake 10000 900 300 500 280
Resistances Slash Bash FIRE BASED
Lion 60% 60% 30% 150% 100% 120% 30%
Goat 100% 100%
Snake 100% 50%
Information from  : Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (, the 'Dragon's Dogma Signature Series Guide' , and from in-game testing..
  • Lion and Goat's health contribute to the main health bar, the snake's health is separate
  • Physical and Magickal power is thought to increase when the Goat or Lion are killed respectively.(verify)


Attack Type Description
Charge Phys Charges at a target.
Roar Spec The lion roars which knocks back anyone close by.
Lion's Meal Phys The lion will pounce on a sleeping or downed target and proceed to chew on them, dealing high damage. Free yourself by wiggling the L-stick enough, or else you may die.
Rampage Phys When the lion is the last head remaining, it will charge at random targets in quick succession and be difficult to hit.
High Levin Mag/Status Casts 3 bolts of lightning, can cause Thundershock.
Lassitude Mag/Status The goat casts a torpor inducing field which will slow down anyone within.
Anodyne Mag/Spec The Goat will heal the Gorechimera with this spell.
Sopor Mag/Status Casts a sleeping spell that will cause anyone near it to fall asleep.
Exequy Mag A circular red sigil will appear and begin charging. Anyone within it when it finishes charging will be instantly killed. Unlike the sorcerer's exequy spell, the Gorechimera does not need to channel it.
Snake Grab Phys The snake can grab a target near it and hoist them into the air, while the other heads bite them continuously. Wiggle the L-stick to free yourself. Sometimes the snake will throw the target to the lion's head, which follows up into the Lion's Meal attack.
Acid Sludge Mag/Status The snake spews acid in a sweeping arc that lingers on the ground and causes fire damage to anyone inside with a chance of being caught on fire.
Snake Bite Phys The snake will bite anyone near it, or climbing on the Gorechimera.


See also Chimera § Tactics.

The behaviour and abilities of the Gorechimera is much the same as the commoner Chimera, however the Gorechimera is much stronger. When fighting a Gorechimera very similar tactics should be used as with a normal Chimera with a few exceptions:

  • Killing the goat should be a priority as its healing spells can constantly revive the other heads - alternatives are interrupting its spells or silencing.
  • Unlike a normal chimera the Gorechimera can be Poisoned.
  • The miasma like poison attack of the chimera is replaced with a much more potent acid pool that caused significantly more damage, and can cause burning.
  • The gorechimera has a strong resistance to fire, but the creature suffers a converse weakness to ice:

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge


Gorechimera encounter on the Unusual Beach during Post Game.

For full information, refer to the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge page or the according section on the Chimera page. Enemy Specific :

  • Weak to Ice
  • Weak to Holy
  • Cutting off the Snake tail then using a Fire based attack to sear the stump and delay its regrowth grants knowledge. (Similar with the hydra heads)
  • Witnessing the Gorechimera use Anodyne to heal itself may grant knowledge.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it may be necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 30 Gorechimeras either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.


  • It is possible to kill all of the heads, with the creature still alive - this is usually a consequence of the Goat casting healing spells after both the other heads are dead. After some time snake will grow back. While in this state, however, the Gorechimera cannot attack and behaves oddly, aimlessly running around the playing field and occasionally emitting a sound-less roar (despite the Lion already being dead).
    • When finally defeated it still emits the Goat's death scream.