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"Shall we leave it be? ...Please?"

Gorecyclops (Condemned) is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. It is a gigantic enemy boss chained to a wall. Once attacked, it'll be freed and will pick up a giant spiked club to engage the Arisen.

This particular enemy can be very difficult and time consuming as it has many health meters ready to make the fight continue for a while and seems to have a high defense.

Be wary casting spells as it berserks often and will disrupt your spells, wasting time and forcing the use of health/stamina items more than necessary.

Once defeated, many Cursed items and some other
Gorecyclops specific items, for weapon and gear crafting, will drop.

Information and StatsEdit

General InfoEdit

Type Monster / Boss
Experience gained

Base Exp of 57,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:

A Condemned Gorecyclops shares similar features to a regular Gorecyclops with the exception that it's much taller and its attacks are more damaging. Like its brethren, it's weak against Ice-based attacks and has 11 bars of health much like all boss monsters featured in Dark Arisen.



Notes Edit

  • Vulnerable to Torpor (slow) and Poison. Use a Rusted weapon to inflict both debilitations simultaneously. The higher the enhancement of the Rusted weapon, the higher chance it will debilitate with each strike.
  • Vulnerable to Blind and Tarred in Oil. Use an Aneled weapon to inflict both debilitations simultaneously. The higher the enhancement of the Aneled weapon, the higher chance it will debilitate with each strike.
  • Vulnerable to Lowered Attack Strength. Use the Dragon's Roost shield to reduce its attack damage 30%.
  • The spiked armor CANNOT be removed from the body except for the mask. The spikes throughout the body will inflict damage on climbers.
  • The mask will fall off by striking at the harness holding the mask on the top of its head.

Tactics (Offensive)Edit

  • Whenever climbing enemies, the secret augments Adhesion (for grip), Opportunism (+30% attack strength) and Arm-Strength (for stamina) are recommended, along with the Gloves of Might (for even more grip and climbing speed) for best results.   
  • From the outset, position yourself behind one of its ankles while it is still chained up and shoot it from behind with a Goldforged Rusted bow to slow it down (Torpor) and prevent it from shaking you off. The higher the enhancement of the weapon, the higher the chance of inflicting Torpor. This will nullify its berserker flailing to throw you off. Climb an ankle up to the back of its head. One slash will remove the helmet, then hack away with your most powerful primary weapon using Thousand kisses or Dire Gouge (Assassin) to kill it in seconds. This same technique is also very effective against Daimon's first and second forms.   
  • Hit the beast with an Aneled weapon to inflict Blind and Tarred in oil. Note that the higher the enhancement of the Aneled weapon, the higher chance it will debilitate the target. Blinding it will make it impossible to target the Arisen, and Tarring it will make it more susceptible to being caught on fire.   
  • High stagger gear (such as the Cursed King's Belt) can stunlock the monster. To avoid being grabbed off, there is a position that the Arisen may take up on the lower half of the face where the Condemned Gorecyclops, instead of grasping at its head, gropes its chest, thereby missing the Arisen consistently. Be sure to bring stamina curatives such as Staminal Drench, Giant fish, Ambrosial meat or Liquid Vim if the Arm Strength augment is not yet learned.   
  • Blast arrows fired at the ankles/feet will cause the brute to fall over making it easy prey or better yet give Warriors the time they need to deliver a charged attack.
  • Fighters & Warriors : Always try to position yourself near the Condemned Gorecyclops' right foot. By standing underneath or behind the right foot, it is possible to avoid nearly all attacks. Attacks can be focused on the right foot. The Condemned Gorecyclops always stomps twice with the left foot, which leaves a longer window of opportunity to deal damage to the right foot without being stumbled by the quakes following the stomps. However, characters focusing on the feet should possess a considerably high physical attack power or considering using Conqueror's Periapts.
  • Mystic Knights : Magick Cannon/Great Cannon along with the Magick Shield skill Ice Enchanter or a permanently enchanted Ice weapon. This combination can do devastating damage. Two or three Great Cannons can easily damage around half to a full health bar, depending on augments and armor the player has equipped.
  • Assassins : Clairvoyance and Masterful Kill making this fight exceedingly easy. When the Cyclops attacks with its club, triggering said skills can disarm the beast, knocking its weapon to the ground and causing it to resort to fighting with its bare hands for the remainder of the battle. While this makes its attacks slightly more erratic, it also severely reduces both the damage and range of the beast's attacks. Also, since all the Cyclops's attacks are physical in nature, they can ALL be countered with the above skills. Both these skills also have a chance of staggering or knocking down the creature—especially when used on its feet during its stomping attacks—which makes it highly vulnerable to follow-up attack.
  • Striders : Unleash Downpour volley with a Rusted bow to slow it down, then climb up its back (see above for climbing tips), then slash away with Hundred/Thousand kisses. Alternately, the Arisen may secure an elevated position and just continue to barrage the Gorecyclops with Downpour volley and the strongest bow in your posession. This is a much safer (but a time consuming and stamina taxing method) to kill a Gorecyclops.
  • Sorcerers : High Comestion (will knockdown and disarm the beast) and High/Grand Fulmination (first charge the spell and then walk into the combat area) are especially effective. High Gicel can work, but must be carefully timed and aimed so that the ice column doesn't hit its armored areas (no damage). High Lassitude will inflict Torpor and slow down the monster's rampage. Surprisingly, High Maelstrom and High/Grand Seism do little damage and take far too long to charge in the heat of battle.

Tactics (Defensive) Edit

  • The primary general defensive strategy in Dragon's Dogma is to first eliminate all lesser, distracting enemies before engaging the biggest threat. From the start, shoot down the flying creatures, sniper the magic users from afar, chase down the wolf packs, etc before tackling the huge behemoths. Pawns generally focus on the largest threat and get picked apart by the support enemies which distract or debilitate them. So even if the Arisen has to run all the way up and down the map to accomplish this objective, KILL THE SUPPORT ENEMIES FIRST, TACKLE THE BIGGEST THREAT LAST.
  • If climbing the monster and it reaches up to grab you, Instant Reset can be used as an emergency dismount to avoid being grabbed and eaten. The Arisen may even re-grab a lower part of the body on the way down and climb right back up.
  • In areas such as the Midnight Helix of Bitterblack isle, run up the circular ramps and kill of all of the Skeleton Mages first. Afterwards, run back down to a lower wooden bridge (above the Gorecyclop's head) and rain down arrows (Downpour Volley) or spells (like High Gicel) from above.
  • Sorcerers : High Gicel aimed at its its head from an elevated position. Enough blows to the helmet can dislodge it. If the eye is directly hit, a full healthbar of damage may be incurred.
  • The most cheap, cowardly way of taking down the Gorecyclops is to fight it for a little while then run to somewhere the game will let you 'save and continue'. One such area is on the second floor across the wooden bridge over the poisonous red river. Exit and save to the main menu then reload the game. You will find the Gorecyclops mysteriously chained up again but with all the damage already dealt to his health bar carried over from your previous attacks. This tactic is useful for aiding unconscious pawns without running the risk of getting hit yourself and for healing. In particular this method will enable the Arisen to get some seriously cheap shots in before it breaks free and can fight back.
  • In The Forgotten Hall, a Mystic Knight may employ Stone Jungle standing near the edge of the second level main balcony. Since the attack is level to its head and eye, Stone Jungle can incur up to a full health bar of damage. It can even cause them to fall down, vulnerable to more attacks or easier climbing. Standing too close to the edge may enable the beast to grab the Arisen. So stand near the ledge, but not on it.

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