Gran Soren Rubble is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Debris from Gran Soren's old city wall, composed of ancient stone quarried in the region."

"A combinable material. A rarity."


  • Can be purchased from Reynard.
  • Can be found in various locations in Gran Soren :
    Where to find Gran Soren Rubble ?01:24

    Where to find Gran Soren Rubble ?

    Reynard sells 8 pieces of Gran Soren Rubble at a time, and up to 4 pieces can be gathered at these spots in Gran Soren. After a few days, these spots will re-spawn.

  • On the riverbank to the northwest of Gran Soren's northern exit. Travel northwest as far as possible along the river's edge underneath the battlements of the city (Post-game).
  • Can be found outside of Gran Soren by exiting through the Aqueduct. On the rocky area on the left side.


2 Star Enhancement

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Component to

Item Item Product
Gran Soren Rubble + Hammer =


Gran Soren Rubble + Trowel = Brick
Gran Soren Rubble + Work Table = Brick