Grand Gicel is an Ice based skill available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"An advanced form of High Gicel that calls an even greater number of twisting ice spikes to thrust up from the ground."


  • An advanced version of High Gicel.
  • This spell does both Ice-based Magick and physical damage (for example, it can break a Metal Golem disk), determined by the user's Strength and Magick stats.
    Grand Gicel vs Griffin (demonstration)01:22

    Grand Gicel vs Griffin (demonstration)

    A well aimed Grand Gicel can slay a Griffin in one shot.

  • Has the chance to freeze an enemy.
  • Conjures 9 ice spikes.
  • This spell works with group spellcasting.
  • If carefully aimed with the camera, this spell can knock down the fragile walls in the Greatwall fortress.