Grand Scension is a Holy based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Scension that sends forth a powerful magickal shockwave with a significant range. Saps foes' Health with holy power."

An advanced version of Scension.


On release, a holy orb of bright light moves forward from the caster - inflicting damage periodically as its area of effect passes through enemies until the spell expires.

  • Targeted enemies must be on the same horizontal plane as the Arisen for the skill to take effect - it does not travel up or down inclined planes or stairs.
  • Will not strike enemies standing behind physical obstacles such as pillars, walls, crates or chests.
  • Grand Scension does not inflict debilitations with Rusted, Golden, or Aneled daggers.
  • Charge time is around 3 seconds. Before releasing, aim the L-stick in the direction of the enemy.


The spell is cast through the primary weapon - the daggers - damage is purely magickal and scales with the caster's total primary Magick.

  • Inflicts Holy magick damage on enemies within range. As with other holy based attacks, the inflicted damage may occasionally heal the Arisen.
  • Testing on an Ox outside Gran Soren showed the skill inflicted damage that scaled at a nearly 1:1 ratio with the primary magick stat, with damage dealt once per 'tick' of the spell.
  • Magick boosts from temporary Weapon enchantments will also increase the power of the spell


  • Highly effective against all Undead enemies - the repeated damage will repeated stagger foes, and may cause them to "juggle" in mid-air and eventually knocking them backward off their feet.
  • On larger enemies, such as Cyclopes and Dragons, scension will damage every appendage it passes through - it is therefore better to aim this attack so that it travels through the longest part of an enemy's body; it is most effective when the foe is downed.
  • It is possible to recover health from large fallen enemy corpses, such as Ogres or Griffins just before they begin to decompose.