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Gransys is a Duchy on the Liogran Peninsula, south of the Mainland. It's the setting for the main quest of Dragon's Dogma.


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Dragon's Dogma takes place in the duchy of Gransys, a province divided in the eastern region of the Liogran Peninsula. It's covered in lush fields, dense forests, and rolling plains. Brimming with dungeons to explore, adventures to be had, stories to be told, and mythical monsters to be slain, the landscape of Gransys is anyone's to explore. Coupled with dark and menacing nights when monsters prowl, Gransys is just an extremely small part of a world unlike any before it.



Regions and points of interest

Aerial gransys 2018

View from above Hillfigure Knoll across Windbluff Tower and Gran Soren to Cassardis, with the Witchwood peninsular in the far distance, and another island far on the horizon

Manamia Trail

Moonshower Cliffs

Moonsbit Pass

Estan Plains


Deos Hills

Northface Forest

Windworn Valley

Pastona Cavern

Barta Crags

Devilfire Grove

Vestad Hills

Verda Woodlands

Wilted Forest

Towns and Castles


Gran Soren

  • The capital city of Gransys is Gran Soren, home to Duke Edmun Dragonsbane, also known as the Wyrmking.
  • Cassardis, a fishing village in the south


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The World Map