Great Gamble is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Gamble Draw that exhaust the entirety of the user's Stamina to fire a stronger seeking shot that can be steered for a longer time."

An advanced version of Gamble Draw, with increased damage and 3-4 additional seconds of guided slow motion control. 

Notes, Damage, and Tactics

  • Both skills fire a steerable arrow, that uses up all of the ranger's stamina - damage scales directly with the stamina consumed to fire the gamble arrow. Thus shooting Great Gamble with a depleted stamina pool results in reduced damage.
  • Optimal Longbow range is 9-25 meters from the target.
  • The shot shows little or no dependence on longbow power, or core strength, and so is not boosted by augments such as clout.
  • The arrow does entirely physical damage, and so the damage is well boosted by items such Conqueror's Periapt, but magick boosts have little or no effect.
    • Elemental enchants and weakness have little or no effect on the damage from the gamble skills.
  • Hitting weakpoints multiplies damage, just as with normal bow shots. The magnifier is particulaly great for some larger creatures - so whilst hitting an Ogre in the chest may do 4,000 damage and knock it down, hitting the head does over 20,000 damage. (~2,600 stamina)
  • The arrow from Great Gamble is approximately half again as powerful as that from Gamble Draw, and does half as much again damage.
  • Occasionally a shot may "fluff" doing minimal or no damage.
  • Ranger pawns are fearsomely accurate shooters, unless they are up against an extremely mobile enemy.
  • Stamina boosting items such as Month-Dried Harspud or Decade-Dried Harspud can be used to temporarily boost stamina, and are most effective in boosting damage.

Damage calculation is approximately related by

(Stamina%) * (range modifier) * (Weakspot on hit) + standard arrow damage

  • It seems that there is a normal arrow component to the the damage (as there is with a Blast Arrow) if the gamble shot hits but fails to connect the damage will be like a standard arrow.

Stamina use

This skill will drain all of the Ranger's stamina, therefore maintaining stamina curatives such as Mushroom Potage, Large Mushrooms, Staminal Drench in the Ranger's inventory are essential for repeated rapid use of this deadly skill in battle.

  • When charging the shot with Liquid Vim in use, Great Gamble's damage cancels (is zero) since no stamina is used.
  • The Grit augment will slightly shorten the length of vulnerability from exhaustion.
  • Wearing stamina restoring equipment such as Trophy Bracers, Gauntlets of Shadow or Gauntlets of Oblivion (the latter two with the appropriate stamina-refreshing permanent bonus) will mitigate but not entirely eliminate the exhaustion vulnerability of Great Gamble.
  • By giving a Great Gamble Ranger pawn Mushroom Potages (+1550 stamina to each party member) the Ranger will refuel the entire party's stamina after a Great Gamble shot.

Against Dragons

In the hands of a high level Ranger pawn, this skill can reduce Dragonkin's health to 1 health. Keep in mind that for all dragons other than the Ur-Dragon and Cursed Dragon, the Arisen must complete the actual kill by his or her own hand.

  • Whenever a pawn is firing Great Gamble at a Dragon, be aware that a Dragon has four critical hit objectives the pawn will randomly target if it does not have 100% Bestiary knowledge of that enemy: destroying both Dragon Horns, disabling the wings, and shooting the heart.