Great Windmill is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Windmill Slash where the user spins the blade from side to side for more revolutions. The user may move about during the attack."

An advanced version of Windmill Slash.


  • While twirling the blade the Arisen can strafe laterally, unlike its lesser version Windmill Slash.
  • Useful for inflicting debilitations with Rusted (Torpor/Poisoned), Aneled (Blind/Tarred in Oil) or Golden (Silence) swords as this skill scores multiple hits as the blade spins.
  • Useful technique for Assassins to repeatedly slash a Dragon's heart (located on the chest), in lieu of Dragon's Maw or Full Moon Slash.
  • Can be cancelled by jumping at any time before the final slash.