Greatwall Encampment is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Greatwall Encampment is a large encampment located outside the stone walls of The Greatwall castle. Like the The Encampment it is surrounded by wooden palisades, and protected by soldiers.

The encampment is located in the northwestern part of the Barta Crags region; the Soulflayer Canyon west entrance is just southeast of the camp. To the southwest is the Miasmic Haunt.

Here are many tents, and the Greatwall encampment functions as a rest camp while the Arisen is on their main quest. Once the Dragon is slain the soldier (Ser Alfonso) providing part of the rest camp services departs.

The are a few chests in the camp, as well as one outside the eastern palisade - none give weapons or armour, only curatives and item.


The Greatwall Encampment is host to a number of soldiers during the game. After The Final Battle most of them will leave to go back to Gran Soren

Ser Alfonso offers Rest camp services. He appears after having entered Gran Soren , and departs once the Dragon is slain. Mathias is a long term resident of the camp, and offers Shopping and Enhancing services. The merchant Reynard also periodically visits the camp.

Ser Iga is the chief guard on the Greatwall castle gate, and will block entrance to The Greatwall until the Quest Deny Salvation is initiated. The other soldiers staffing the encampment are Ser Holtor, Ser Jirco, Ser Thurstance, Ser Mycal, Ser Tobin, Ser Frederick, Ser Adem, and Ser Tavin.

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