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Greatwall Encampment
Greatwall Encampment
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Greatwall Encampment is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Greatwall Encampment has a number of services outside of The Greatwall castle. Wandering travelers can sleep there, send items to storage, configure skills, switch pawns at the Rift Stone, or buy and sell items. It's a nice place in the middle of a savage wilderness. You can't get through the gate into The Greatwall until later in the game, so Greatwall acts as more of a rest camp until you've completed a number of duties for the Duke of Gran Soren.


The Greatwall Encampment serves as a small defensible position just outside The Greatwall.


The Greatwall Encampment is host to a great number of soldiers during the game. After The Final Battle most of them will leave to go back to Gran Soren

The following notable characters may be found here:

Other NPC's found in the encampment:

Related QuestsEdit

The Greatwall Encampment is used for the following quests:



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Points of InterestEdit

  • Hobgoblin camp - NN/W of Greatwall - Hobgoblins vary in numbers from three to a dozen, also a Lich can be encountered at night. Two chests, Some stone sarcophagi and a few gather points, along with various herbs and mushrooms.
  • Stone bridge - south of Hobgoblin camp - Direwolves - again numbers vary. Also encountered a Chimera once.
  • Unknown swamp - S/W, can cause Poison, Blindness, Silence - Hobgoblins, Harpies. On a hilltop nearby there's a cage, two chests, various loot gather points.
  • Smaller pond - Directly east of the unnamed swamp again causes debilitations, nearby found one chest with a hammer, Chestcaver
  • Miasmic Haunt - SS/E of Greatwall - causes Poison, Blindness & Silence - home to a large gaggle of Snow Harpies - island in the middle has Sulfur Saurians protecting a couple of chests. Also look on the eastern side of the swamp for a boat with a chest, usually good for a large Coin Pouch.
  • Abandoned Campsite - S/W tip of Miasmic Haunt, four chests, three that continually respawn. There's a boat that can be climbed over to get to the island without harm. Also at night the water is safe when the Fireflies are out.
  • Northen point of Miasmic swamp - where the small creek flows into it, there's a cluster of rocks on the left with a respawning chest. Phantasms can be encountered here.
  • In this same spot there's a tree in the water that glows at night, but no idea what it's meant to be or do.
edit: In further travels it seems the Lich & Chimera are roaming encounters throughout this area.

Greatwall HotspotsEdit

  • Hobgoblin Camp
  • Stone Bridge looking south from Hobgoblin camp
  • No-name pond
  • Orphis' Domain - Cyclops Stockade
  • Miasmic Haunt - Here come the Harpies!
  • Miasmic Haunt - There go the Harpies!
  • Deserted Campsite
  • The Island - relieving Sulfur Saurians of loot...
  • This boat acts as a bridge to get to the island
  • Boat with the Chest
  • Scenic view to Heavenspeak Ruins


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