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Griffin is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma.

Griffins are noble-looking creatures possessing the head, forelegs and wings of an eagle with the torso and rear body of a lion. It is theorized that some strange bird was mutated by the effects of the Rift and was then able to adapt to Gransys, propagating and hunting for food.


Griffins are attracted to bright objects and habitually hoard treasure and gold. Ever vigilant, a Griffin will react to even the slightest sound and is sensitive to any nearby presence. Adventurers should take caution when approaching a Griffin even if it is asleep.

Griffins have a relatively high intelligence for a magical beast and differ from creatures that act impulsively on instinct alone. This is why Griffins have been respected as noble creatures since ancient times. Even in the present day, the image of a Griffin is often emblazoned upon swords and armor and used on the heraldic standards of knights.

Griffin wings can also become electrically charged when flying through the sky, allowing them to employ lightning-based attacks.

Griffins are not particularly hostile or aggressive as they hunt primarily for food rather than sport. They pose little threat to beasts which are not among their prey unless provoked, such as foolish adventurers trying to steal a Griffin's treasure or presenting the appearance of its food.

Information and StatsEdit

General InfoEdit

Type Monster / Boss
Experience gained

Base Exp of 9,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:


After the Cinematic of the Griffin attacking the Caravan at Gran Soren's Gate has been witnessed:

*Post Game


Health Attack Defence Magick Attack Magick Defence Weight
32,000 800 240 830 280 3,000 kg

Damage TakenEdit

Slash Bash
100% 100% 110% 50% 10% 80% 100%


Attack Type Description
Dive Phys Dives from the sky at prey. May dive multiple times.
Grab Phys Grabs prey and slams them down on the ground. Continues to do damage until the character forces itself free (wiggle the L-stick) or trampling is interrupted by another party member.
Grab Spec Grabs a target and attempts to fly off with it, later dropping the target for a large amount of fall damage, which can range from little to instant death. Escape (wiggle L-stick) before the fall becomes fatal.
Wing Buffet Mag Flaps its wings continuously to knock everyone in front of it down with an electrically charged wind.
Bite Phys Takes a bite at prey while on the ground.
Charge Phys Charges at a target while on the ground.
Drive By Mag Swoops past a target at high speed, knocking them down with electrically-charged wind.


Griffin Rate With Drake, Wyrm, or Wyvern Tear Rate
Griffin Pinion 50% Wakestone 60%
Great Griffin Claw 20% Wakestone Shard 40%
Ambrosial Meat 10%
Rift Crystal 5%


  1. Post-Game Only

Tactics (Offensive)Edit

Griffin Brawl - Dragon's Dogma Gameplay02:57

Griffin Brawl - Dragon's Dogma Gameplay

  • Immune to Torpor
  • Immune to Blindness
  • Strong against Thunder enchanted weapons and spells (like Levin,  Brontide or Fulmination).
  • Weak against Fire enchanted weapons (such as Dragon's Ire, Scalding Razors, Sapfire Daggers, Eden's WardenScorched Pelta ) and spells (like High Comestion). Using Fire on its wings will set the Griffin alight and prevent it from flying away.
  • Vulnerable to Poison. Use a Rusted weapon to inflict the debilitation. The higher the enhancement, the higher chance it will debilitate with each strike. The Toxicity augment will triple the damage to poisoned enemies.
  • Vulnerable to Tarred in Oil, making it easier to catch fire. Use an Aneled weapon to inflict the debilitation or throw Flasks of Oil at it. The higher the enhancement of the Aneled weapon, the higher the chance it will debilitate with each strike. Being Tarred will make it easier to set the Griffin on fire.
  • Vulnerable to Lowered Attack Strength. Use the Dragon's Roost shield to reduce its attack strength by 30%. Cymbal Onslaught is ideal for inflicting this debilitation, followed by Shield Storm.
  • If the Griffin chooses to engage the party, the background music will change to the "Griffin battle" theme. If the music isn't changing, the Griffin is likely focused on other prey and may simply fly away. If the Griffin lands on one of the oxen and becomes airborne again, it will attempt to flee. The ox it lands upon can be partially determined by killing the other oxen in the area. Listen for the Griffin's screech, which indicates that it is preparing to dive down and land. Upon hearing this screech, IMMEDIATELY start running towards the Griffin and engage it before it can fly away. One can literally jump on and grab it with the right trigger button. Setting its wings ablaze with Comestion, a Dragon's Ire bow, or other Fire attacks will also prevent it from flying away.
  • Lacking a Fire-enchanted weapon, Oil Arrows can be set on fire by enchanting the bow with Fire BoonFire Affinity or Fire Pact. These are very effective on Griffins and considerably cheaper and lighter to carry than Blast Arrows.  
  • Once the Griffin is on Fire, continuous damage will be dealt over time. When sufficient damage is inflicted on the wings (aim where the wings connect to the body, not the wing-tips), the Griffin will not be able to fly away.
  • All melee vocations: Climbing the Griffin and striking at its head will cause critical damage. Players should remember to watch their stamina to avoid falling when the creature is in flight. Carry stamina curatives like Large Mushrooms, Sour Ambrosial Meat, Mushroom Potage or Giant Rank Fish to ensure this does not occur.
  • CLIMBING TIPS: Equip the augments Adhesion (for grip), Opportunism (+30% strength), Arm-Strength (for climbing stamina), and Dexterity (for climbing speed) and wear Gloves of Might to add even MORE grip and climbing speed.
  • Fighters : A single Dragon's Maw to the head can kill a Griffin with sufficiently high strength. Antler Toss and Heavenward Lash to the head also work well. Use the shield skills Sheltered Assault , Cymbal Onslaught or Shield Storm with a Rusted Shield to debilitate the Griffin. Launchboard will propel pawns onto the Griffin's back, even when it's airborne. A pawn with this skill can launch the Arisen and other pawns for the same purpose.
  • Warriors : Catapult Blade will propel pawns onto the Griffin's back, even while it's airborne. Conversely, pawns with this skill may launch other party members into the air.
  • Striders : Oil Arrows followed by a Blast Arrow will ignite the wings causing the Griffin to come crashing down. A single Brain Splitter can kill it outright, or follow the climbing tips above and attack its head with Hundred Kisses or Thousand Kisses. The Dragon's Ire bow is an excellent weapon for setting the Griffin's wings ablaze, rendering it unable to escape.
  • Rangers: Deathly Arrow/Great Gamble to the head can kill a Griffin outright. The Oil Arrow/Blast Arrow combo works well against the Griffin, or follow the climbing tips above and attack its head with Hundred Kisses or Thousand Kisses.
  • Assassins: Follow the climbing tips above and use Dire Gouge to the back of the head. The Dragon's Ire bow is an excellent weapon for setting the Griffin's wings ablaze, rendering it unable to escape.
  • Mystic Knights : Using Fire-based enchanted weapons in conjunction with Great Cannon can cause massive damage, killing the Griffin quickly. High Ingle and High Comestion, when aimed at the wings, is also effective. Setting a trap consisting of a fire-buffed Ruinous Sigil and Great Cannon(s) for the Griffin to enter is deadly.
  • Magick Archers: Activate Backfire and climb the Griffin (see the climbing tips above) to deal continuous fire damage while simultaneously assaulting the beast with Scarlet Kisses/Hundred Kisses. Even more damage may be dealt by using fire-enchanted daggers such as Scalding Razors or Sapfire Daggers. High Ingle and High Comestion, aimed at the wings, is also effective. Explosive Rivet will make short work of a Griffin as well.
  • Mages /Sorcerers : A single High Comestion to the head when a Griffin is on the ground can kill it outright (with a sufficiently high magic stat). High Bolide and High Ingle, aimed at the wings, are also effective.

Tactics (Defensive) Edit

  • The primary general defensive strategy in Dragon's Dogma is to first eliminate all lesser, distracting enemies before engaging the biggest threat. From the start, shoot down the flying creatures, sniper the magic users from afar, chase down the wolf packs, etc., before tackling the huge behemoths.  Even if the Arisen has to run all the way up and down the map to accomplish this objective, KILL THE SUPPORT ENEMIES FIRST, THEN TACKLE THE BIGGEST THREAT LAST.
  • The Stability augment renders one immune to the Griffin's wing flapping attacks, which disrupt spellcasting and skill charging.
  • The Griffin employs physical and Thunder-based attacks which may cause Thundershock. Thunder-resistant armor and rings are recommended for this fight.

Related Quests Edit

  • Winged Reaver. This is a Notice Board Quest obtained from the board in the Cassardis Inn. It refers to a Griffin sighting near Hillfigure Knoll. In spite of this specific reference, any Griffin killed after this quest is accepted will immediately complete the quest and reward the player with cash, experience, and the Gloves of Might, a set of Arms Armor that enhances climbing and clinging. For this reason, Winged Reaver may be completed in conjuntion with Griffin's Bane.
  • Griffin's Bane. This is a Main Story Quest that is obtained by speaking to Aldous and selecting "Aid the Corps on a hunting expedition." If the Winged Reaver quest was previously obtained but not completed, it will automatically be completed when the Griffin in Griffin's Bane is defeated.


  • Respawns every 7 days, like the Drake in Devilfire Grove .
  • Griffins appear in three areas: at the Eradication Site, in front of Gran Soren (near the Harpy nesting grounds), and (less commonly) at Hillfigure Knoll, all early in the morning hours. Sleep in either Gran Soren or the camp at Devilfire Grove and walk to the area. The Hillfigure Knoll spawn usually appears in the proximity of the Goblin camp to the southwest of the stones, and only spawns if the Chimera is not present. Similarly, the Griffin will not appear if there is a Cyclops near the Harpy nesting grounds at the Gran Soren location. Save the game before getting too close to the area, in case the Griffin flies away from the battle.
  • In Post-Game, the spawn at the Eradication Site is replaced with a Cockatrice, and the spawn outside Gran Soren is replaced with a Drake. The Hillfigure Knoll Griffin spawn is the same in Pre-Game and Post-Game, often appearing in the morning, while the party is near the Goblin camp slightly southwest of Hillfigure Knoll.
  • Placing a port crystal each at the Eradication Site, the Gran Soren Harpy area and the Hillfigure Knoll Goblin camp will allow the Arisen to kill three Griffins within six minutes.

Pawn Bestiary KnowledgeEdit


The Daunting look of a Griffin.

Griffin Specific Techniques

  • Weak to Fire magic.
  • Must experience the Griffin's dive attack.
  • Shooting the wings will force it to the ground.
  • Attacking the head will cause extra damage.
  • Griffin Strategy Vol. 1 Griffins flail before bolting once you grab them.
  • Griffin Strategy Vol. 2 Use a monster carcass or taunts to lure a griffin down from the sky.
  • Climbing onto the Griffin's back with a heavy group will make the griffin too heavy to fly. This will force it to stay on the ground (encumbrance as well as stature affect this technique).
  • Weigh a Griffin down and ground it by loading it up with three party members. The first two can climb on the Griffin when it is on the ground but the third must grab onto the Griffin when it is airborne. This can be done using a Launch type of attack Launchboard/Catapult Blade/Leaping Stone/Soaring Stone. The Griffin need not be stationary when launching up to it. Nevertheless, the technique is most easily performed when the Griffin is hovering in place in its Wing Buffet attack. If the Griffin does not perform Wing Buffet on its own, provoke it using Shield Drum. Note there is a short cut scene and a pawn comment before the Griffin is overloaded that indicates the pawns realize they are in the process of restraining and subduing the Griffin. In order for knowledge to be gained, the Griffin must still be alive when it crashes to the ground. The below short video demonstrates overloading and grounding a low flying Griffin with three party members:

Griffin/Cockatrice Technique

  • Griffin Strategy Vol. 3 Use a shield to guard against beak attacks. In the field, this technique may need to be witnessed for each type of enemy. Using the scroll will grant knowledge for both.
  • Striking head or wings to knock the enemy down while someone is holding onto it.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for the Pawn to participate in killing 15 griffins.


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