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Griffin's Bane
Dragon's Dogma - Griffin's Bane
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Come to Court
Next Quest
Trials and Tribulations
30,000 Gold
25,000 Exp.
30 Rift Crystals
Main Quest
Royal Orders Quest

Griffin's Bane is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A griffin is stalking caravans. Join the volunteers who plan to vanquish the beast."

Royal Order Quest


This Quest is obtained by speaking with Aldous after the quest Come to Court and selecting the option "Aid the Corps on a hunting expedition".

Speak with the Volunteers

  • Talk to the captain of the company of "elites" Ser Georg to learn of their strategy. They await you outside the southern gate.

Join the Campaign (1)

  • Make for the battle site and assist the company in slaying the griffin.

Join the Campaign (2)

  • Deliver bait to the company and help them lure the griffin out.

Pursue the Fleeing Griffin

  • Trail the beast to Bluemoon Tower and help the company slay it.
  • It's not necessary to taunt and wait for the griffin to break trough the third door and then run until you reach the rooftop, the griffin can be killed after the second door in the rooftop is reached, Note that doesn't mean that you're obliged to kill him there.
  • The space in the rooftop is much more favorable for you and your pawns.
  • Report your Victory Return to Gran Soren and inform Aldous that the deed is done.

Quest Successful

  • You vanquished the griffin. Quest reward received.


Griffin's Bane - Dragon's Dogma - PS316:55

Griffin's Bane - Dragon's Dogma - PS3

To activate the quest see Aldous in the Duke's Demesne. Choosing the option "Aid the Corps on a hunting expedition" will start the quest. Meet the group of "elites" outside the southern gate.

Prior to starting this quest, consider the following :

  • Bring 2 Ferrystones (to speed up travel time) and 3 Skeleton Keys (to open the locked areas in Pastona Cavern).
  • The Griffin is very weak against Fire. Hire a Mage or Sorcerer with Comestion and Fire enchantments. If possible, bring Fire Based Weapons (like Ardent Will, Eden's Warden, Scalding Razors, Dragon's Ire, or Sapfire Daggers) to make the fight easier.
  • You will be facing a number of bow-wielding enemies in the Bluemoon Tower. Be prepared. Sorcerers are particularly vulnerable to the Rangers, Striders and Magick Archer bandits.
  • Bring 3 Skeleton Keys to open locked areas in Pastona Cavern on the way to the Bluemoon Tower.
  • Consider stopping by the Windbluff Tower to accept the quest Supply and Demands from Ser Daerio on the way to Bluemoon Tower.
  • Route 2 BlueMoon wPC

    Option to Place a Portcrystal at the Gate to Bluemoon Tower

    It is also possible to travel to Bluemoon Tower before accepting the quest from Aldous. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen players should have a Portcrystal to spare. If the player places a Portcrystal near the entrance to the Bluemoon Tower, the pursuit of the fleeing Griffin will be much simplified. The ideal location for the Portcrystal is near the Rift stone at the entrance. Below is a synopsis to get to Bluemoon Tower for players who have the necessary Portcrystal and choose to exercise this option. Refer to the map on the right.
    • Since more dangerous enemies are encountered at night, rest till morning and start from the northern exit out of Gran Soren. Be prepared to encounter Snow Harpies, Dire Wolves, Bandits, and a Golem. Take along three skeleton keys if you choose to exercise the option to explore Pastona Cavern.
    • Travel south through Windworn Valley and run through the heavy wind.
    • As an optional activity explore Pastona Cavern, Smugglers' Pass, and Bandit's Den. There are useful items in the chests around the area including some behind locked gates that can be opened with skeleton keys. Alternatively, the player can pass through rapidly and avoid as much combat as possible.
    • Fight the Snow Harpies and the Golem.
    • Place the Portcrystal at the entrance to the Bluemoon Tower near the Rift Stone. Use a Ferry Stone to return to Gran Soren.

Speak with the VolunteersEdit

Just outside Gran Soren's southern gate, speak with Ser Georg. Follow Ser Georg and the other guards towards the Southern waycastle.

Join the Campaign (1)Edit

Slay the Goblins en route to the ambush point. If the Arisen grabs one of the goblin corpses and carries it up the hill rather than slaying a Goblin at the ambush point, viewing the drop spot in the mandatory little QTE will cause the Goblin corpse to vanish. Follow the guards and turn left up the hill. The guards will hide in the bushes awaiting the Griffin's approach. A translucent circle will be barely visible on the ground.  

Join the Campaign (2)Edit

More Goblins and Spiders lurk around the area. Carry a corpse to the translucent circle and set it down (even a Spider corpse will work). This will automatically lure down the Griffin. Refer to the Griffin page for specific tactical information.

The battle here has two possible outcomes: slay the Griffin here or allow it to flee to the Bluemoon Tower. Choosing to allow the Griffin to flee may be preferable, especially when combining this quest with Supply and Demands. Allowing the Griffin to flee will also enable the player to enjoy the epic battle itself, collect considerable treasure and experience, and to place a Portcrystal at the Bluemoon Tower for the future quest Wyrmking's Ring which also takes place there.

Pursue the Fleeing GriffinEdit

If the Griffin survives the engagement, it must be followed to the Bluemoon Tower. The Griffin will be at full health when encountered again at Bluemoon Tower regardless of how much damage it sustained during the first encounter.

Before leaving, consider the following :

In order to reach the tower, travel north beyond Windbluff Tower. Follow the path that leads south of Hillfigure Knoll. At a certain point the path will curve left and go towards the Blighted Manse. The way towards Bluemoon Tower is found by turning right between the two rocks at this turn. Going left will lead to the Travelers' Rest encampment. Snow Harpies will fly through this small corridor. Sleep overnight at the Travelers' Rest to heal, save, send items back to storage, and start fresh with a new day.

Travel south through Windworn Valley and run through the heavy wind. There is no easier way through this wind than to run (the Stability augment is ineffective here). Slay the three Snow Harpies along the way. At the end of the windy valley will be Pastona Cavern, which has three large boulders up on its first ridge. Shoot them down prior to when they roll down onto the party; High Ingle works well for staff- and archistave-wielding Arisens.  

Prepare for a large Bandit ambush as the valley veers right. They include hostile Striders, Mages, Fighters and Warriors in their group, and may have one Magick Archer. The enemy holds the high ground, so try to engage the close quarter combatants from cover so the hostile archers don't pelt the party with arrows. The enemy Mages have limited casting abilities but can and will heal their own party.

Past the Bandit area awaits two more Snow Harpies and a Golem. Snipe the Snow Harpies and destroy the Golem.

There is a small chamber up in the northern-ish rocks near where the Snow Harpies lurked.  Further down and to the left is a staircase leading down from Smugglers' Pass. Slay the six Skeleton Warriors guarding the treasure chests. Three Skeleton Keys will open the doors in this small underground dungeon.

Back upstairs, pass the Spiders and Large Mushrooms lying about to reach the Bluemoon Tower. At night, this area will spawn Skeleton Warriors.

At the entrance to the Bluemoon Tower, enter the Rift Stone to create a "hard" checkpoint save in case anything goes wrong. The game will auto-save several times during this quest so create a "hard" save point in case a Pawn falls into the sea or if the Griffin slays everyone.

Enter the gates to find Ser Georg and the other Gran Soren guards engaged in battle against hostile Bandits and two Snow Harpies on the ground floor. Join the fray and head up the tower. Up the stairs are several Skeleton Knights, three Skeleton Mages and two more Snow Harpies. WALK up the stairs and be careful not to fall into the sea below.

At the top of the stairs is a barred door on the left (which cannot be opened from this side) and a closed wooden door on the right. Save the game, and proceed through the wooden door on the right to face the Griffin.

The Griffin assails the hunting party out in the open. Smash the wooden log barring the two gates to proceed. At the second gate, the Arisen may choose to proceed to the battlement path on the right to access the lever on the far side. More Gran Soren guards die the longer this process takes.

After the second gate is open, Ser Westley is being pulled up atop the gate to fend off the Griffin on his own. Saving Ser Westley is optional and has no impact on the quests progression, though it does affect optional dialogue to be later heard from Mercedes.

At the third gate, fend off the Griffin until it breaks down the gate. When the third gate opens, stand firmly in place while the other guards run to the next area. The Griffin will swoop down and destroy the floor, killing anyone caught in its wake. The Arisen and pawns should be perfectly safe if they held their ground and did not run forward before the Griffin's dive attack.  Alternately, if the Arisen and pawns bolt together with the guards, make sure the party runs as quickly as possible to the 90-degree turn at the end of the walkway, or the Griffin will send you all to your deaths as it destroys the walkway.

In the next area, take the large stairway leading up to the top of the tower. Save the game again before entering the top floor.

At the summit, the final showdown between the hunting party and the Griffin takes place. Use Fire damage on its wings to keep it grounded and attack the Griffin's head. After a while, Steffen will come to the party's rescue if the quest A Troublesome Tome was previously completed.  Steffen has alternate actions depending on whether he was given a forgery-- or not.

Report your VictoryEdit

Once the Griffin is defeated collect all the Gold, a Portcrystal, and other treasure. The chests here contain Griffin Armor and an Assassin's Mask.

Before heading back to Gran Soren, be sure to place this Portcrystal just outside the Bluemoon Tower entrance for the later quest the Wyrmking's Ring and to make future playthroughs (or Speedruns) easier.

Now go back to Gran Soren and inform Aldous at the Duke's Demesne that the Griffin has been slain.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

After speaking with Aldous, the Arisen may undertake either the main story quest Trial and Tribulations or proceed with the next set of Royal Orders Quests.


The enemies encountered in this quest include the following:


  • It is not necessary to feed the Griffin a goblin. He can be fed the corpse of any creature. Small spiders spawn close to the Griffin site, and are much lighter than goblin corpses. Carrying them does not drain your stamina if you are of average weight.
  • It is possible to kill the Griffin at the first battle site. It can save you time and resources if you manage to prevent its flight to Bluemoon Tower. If necessary, seek higher level pawns to join your party to aid you in this endeavor. However, you will miss out on the loot and experience gained on the road to Bluemoon and found in the Bluemoon Tower.
  • If you do kill the Griffin at the first battle site, it's still possible to get the portcrystal atop Bluemoon tower. You will need to hand in the quest first, then make your way to Bluemoon Tower and the portcrystal will be at the top of the tower. If you go before you hand in the quest, the doors leading to the top of the tower will be locked.
  • If the Griffin flees to Bluemoon Tower, it can be a long venture to reach it. It's advisable to stop at the Inn in Gran Soren and rest till morning to make the most of the daylight it will take to reach Bluemoon Tower. Aside from this, having Liquid Vim in your inventory can be helpful in keeping at a sprinting speed on your way to the quest marker.
  • If you're playing the Dark Arisen version of the game, it is a good idea to explore the road here first and place a portcrystal near the vicinity of Bluemoon Tower. This way you can immediately reach the tower during the quest without having to travel all the way on foot and worrying about exploring side areas.
  • The Bandits encountered through the crags en route to Bluemoon Tower can be formidable opponents if you aren't high enough in level or have higher level pawns recruited to assist you. Be sure to bring along plenty of curatives in the event that you find yourself outmatched.
  • Avoiding second encounter: If your character is a Mystic Knight , enchant your sword or staff with fire and just spam the Great Cannon skill, its cheap but effective. Even if the Griffin is just hovering or about to attack you from the air, if its wings are set ablaze it will fall down. Just keep it down and keep the enchantment and Great Cannon up and unleash your button-mashing skills, your party and the "elites" will take care of the rest. Have some mushrooms to keep your stamina up.
  • Using the Maker's Finger arrow is the most effective way of preventing the Griffin's escape, however it is not recommended as the Maker's Finger can one shot any enemy you might ever have trouble with... and it is better saved for later.  It is also fearsomely expensive for a young Arisen... and there is the possibility you may miss.


  • The soldiers involved in the hunt for the Griffin are all members of the Enlistment Corps and have previously been under Mercedes' command. Hence, Mercedes will have different dialogue which is determined if the Arisen has kept all the soldiers alive... or not.  

During the quest, at Bluemoon Tower:

  • Ser Loren and Ser Arbel (wounded) are at the entrance. 
  • Ser Gaspar, Ser Aloyis and Ser Auber appear nearby to fight the harpies. 
  • Ser Nikolas is fighting a set of Skeleton Warriors on the stairs. 
  • Ser Josiff is further up the stairs, past Ser Nikolas, past the first Skeleton Mage and right in front of the second one.
  • Ser "Unnamed" is killed by the Griffin in the cutscene after opening the door, but he can be saved with a Wakestone.
  • Ser Georg, Ser Cyrus, Ser Westley and Ser Arman are the four Corps soldiers trying to break down the first gate. - Save Ser Georg by quickly attacking and beating back the Griffin a fair bit IF he pounces on him. - Save Ser Westley by attacking the Griffin on top of the gate as soon as possible with everything you've got. Blast Arrows work quite well.

Once the Griffin is defeated, you'll meet whoever survived on top of the tower in addition to Ser Loren.


  • If the Griffin is slain before the second gate to the top of the tower could be opened, then the door is unopenable until the quest The Wyrmking's Ring is commenced.  That door is not permanently sealed, though the right-hand exterior path where the three gates lie is impassable due to one gate remaining locked; its lever disappears until the game's next playthrough.


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