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Griffin's Bane is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A griffin is stalking caravans. Join the volunteers who plan to vanquish the beast."

Royal Order Quest


This Quest is obtained by speaking with Aldous after the quest Come to Court and selecting the option "Aid the Corps on a hunting expedition".

Speak with the Volunteers

  • Talk to the captain of the company of "elites", Ser Georg, to learn of their strategy. They await you outside the southern gate.

Join the Campaign (1)

  • Make for the battle site and assist the company in slaying the Griffin.

Join the Campaign (2)

  • Deliver bait to the company and help them lure the Griffin down.

Pursue the Fleeing Griffin

Quest Successful

  • You vanquished the Griffin. Quest reward received.


To activate the quest see Aldous in the Duke's Demesne. Choosing the option "Aid the Corps on a hunting expedition" will start the quest. Meet the group of "elites" outside the southern gate.
Griffin's Bane (quest walkthrough, slain with a single block)04:50

Griffin's Bane (quest walkthrough, slain with a single block)

The Griffin can be slain before it flees to the Bluemoon Tower. Carry a slain Goblin to the circle to lure down the Griffin. This video demonstrates a Mystic Knight fast-kill method using the Blessed Riposte/Great Cannon combo. With a single Perfect Block, the Griffin is almost instantly slain upon landing. Report back to Aldous to complete the quest. No buffs or boosters, and the Prescience augment is not equipped here.

Speak with the VolunteersEdit

Just outside Gran Soren's southern gate, speak with Ser Georg and then follow the company south on the route leading to the Moonshower Cliffs.

Join the Campaign (1)Edit

Slay a creature (usually a Goblin) and use its carcass to attract the Griffin land - pick up one and carry a corpse to the ambush point (a translucent circle visible on the ground).

Join the Campaign (2)Edit

Once the bait has been laid the Griffin will be tempted to land and the fight begins - the battle here has two possible outcomes: slay the Griffin here or allow it to flee to the Bluemoon Tower. Choosing to allow the Griffin to flee may be preferable, especially when combining this quest with Supply and Demands. Allowing the Griffin to flee will also enable the player to enjoy the epic battle itself, collect considerable treasure and experience.

Pursue the Fleeing GriffinEdit

Assuming the Griffin survives the engagement, it must be followed to the Bluemoon Tower. The Griffin will be at full health when encountered again at Bluemoon Tower regardless of how much damage it sustained during the first encounter.

In order to reach the tower, travel north crossing the bridge, then along Conquest Road, past Windbluff Tower, and continue north past of Hillfigure Knoll. After the path turns northeast a fork will be encountered, with the leftmost path leading to the Blighted Manse. Ignore the left path and continue along the Windworn Valley to Pastona Cavern, and Smugglers' Pass leading ultimately to the tower. At this final stage of the journey bandit ambushes are to be expected. Additionally a Golem may be fought, and there is an opportunity to loot the Bandit's Den - here skeletal enemies will be encountered, who also inhabit the wider region after nightfall.

Enter the tower gates to find Ser Georg and the other Enlistment Corps men engaged in battle on the ground floor, harried by Skeleton Knights, Skeleton Mages and Snow Harpies.

Move upwards through the tower to reach a room with two doors - a barred door on the left (which cannot be opened from this side) and a closed wooden door on the right. Proceed through the wooden door on the right to face the Griffin.

The Griffin assails the hunting party out in the open. Smash the wooden log barring the two gates to proceed. At the second gate, the Arisen may choose to proceed to the battlement path on the right to access the lever on the far side. More Gran Soren guards die the longer this process takes.

After the second gate is open, Ser Westley is taken by the Griffin to on top the gate. Saving Ser Westley is optional, though it affects optional dialogue to be later heard from Mercedes.

At the third gate, fend off the Griffin until it breaks down the gate. When the third gate opens, the Arisen may stand their ground or retreat quickly to along the circular path - here the enraged Griffin destroys much of the path, killing anyone caught on it.

Once the next area is reach, take the large stairway leading up to the top of the tower. At the top of the stairs the final battle with the Griffin will take place

If the quest A Troublesome Tome was previously completed, Steffen will come to the party's aid during the summit battle.  Steffen has alternate actions depending on whether he was given a forgery - or not.

Report your VictoryEdit

Be aware that reporting back to Aldous will create a "hard" save checkpoint, as if the party had slept at an inn or entered a Rift Stone.

Once the Griffin is defeated collect all the Gold, a Portcrystal, and other treasure. The chests here contain Griffin Armor and an Assassin's Mask.

Now go back to Gran Soren and inform Aldous at the Duke's Demesne that the Griffin has been slain.

All the soldiers involved in the hunt for the Griffin are all members of the Enlistment Corps, previously under Mercedes' command. Hence - speak to Mercedes after completion of the quest as she will wish to know the fate of her men.

Preparations and considerationsEdit

Prior to starting this quest, consider the following :

  • The Griffin is very weak against Fire. A Mage or Sorcerer with Fire based spells and enchantments will be a boon. If possible, equip a fire based weapons.
  • Some of the men of the enlistment corps are likely to die during the quest - to save them, bring wakestones.
  • The griffin may be slain at the initial battle at the Moonshower Cliffs - but this forfeits the journey to the Bluemoon tower, with its associated rewards.
  • On defeating the Griffin at the tower consider placing the found Portcrystal just outside the Bluemoon Tower entrance for the later quest the Wyrmking's Ring and to make future playthroughs (or Speedruns) easier.
  • Entering the Rift Stone at the entrance to the Bluemoon Tower creates a "hard" checkpoint save in case anything goes wrong.
  • Consider bringing Ferrystones to speed up travel time
  • 3 Skeleton Keys are needed to open the locked areas in the Bandit's Den in Smugglers' Pass passed en route.
  • Consider stopping by the Windbluff Tower to accept the quest Supply and Demands from Ser Daerio on the way to Bluemoon Tower.
  • This will likely be the first visit to the Bluemoon Tower - to access certain treasure chest locations a vocation with either Levitate or Double Vault is practically essential.
  • In the Bluemoon tower, and on the second half of the journey there, numerous bow wielding bandits will be encountered - be prepared.

Saving Ser WestleyEdit

Ser Westley must be saved along with all others in the party in order to please Mercedes by protecting all the men of the Enlistment Corps.

At the locked gate at the Bluemoon Tower Westley will be grabbed by a Griffin and taken to atop the gate to be mauled and pecked at. He must be saved before the Griffin alights on the top of the gate as this place cannot be reached to revive him with a Wakestone.

Use strong attacks on the Griffin to attempt to stagger it in flight - this will cause it to drop Ser Westley allowing him to escape - he will often survive the drop. If this is not successful then using group curatives such as Spring Water whilst Westley is being attacked can save him - Steel Nut Salve may also be usefull here in this regard. Eventually the Griffin will tire of its attacks and Westley will struggle free, jump of the gate, and rejoin the fight.

The top of the gate can be reached by a long levitate jump from the adjacent elevated walkway - this gives an opportunity for some to revive Ser Westley with a wakestone. However if one waits until the last gate is opened before reviving, the knight will have certainly permanently expired.

Alternatively, killing the Griffin before it escapes to the tower (time paradox) prevents Westley from being placed in this perilous position in the first place.


The enemies encountered in this quest include the following en route: Goblins, Bandits, Direwolves, Snow Harpies, and Spiders as well as Skeletons at night. A Golem is encountered in Pastona Cavern. Further Skelton Skeleton Knights, Skeleton Mages, and Snow Harpies are found in the tower, as well as the Griffin.


  • If the Griffin is slain at the first battle site, it is still possible to collect the Portcrystal after completing the quest.
  • The Bandits encountered through the crags en route to Bluemoon Tower can be formidable opponents at lower levels. Be sure to bring along plenty of curatives.
  • Mystic Knights can slay the Griffin at the first battle site by using a fire enchanted weapon on a Great Cannon sigil. This will keep the Griffin grounded by setting its wings ablaze. The party and the "elites" will take care of the rest.
  • Using the Maker's Finger arrow will instantly slay the Griffin on the first encounter.
  • Mercedes will have a different dialogue depending on whether the Arisen has kept all the soldiers alive... or not.
    • The easiest way to ensure the men's survival is to kill the Griffin rapidly at the first encounter.
    • Mercedes should be spoken before completing the quest by speaking to Aldous.
  • During the quest, at Bluemoon Tower, the Enlistment Corps men are to be found:
    • Ser Loren and Ser Arbel (wounded) are at the entrance. 
    • Ser Aloyis and Ser Auber appear nearby to fight the harpies. 
    • Ser Nikolas is fighting a set of Skeleton Warriors on the stairs. 
    • Ser Josiff is further up the stairs, past Ser Nikolas, past the first Skeleton Mage and right in front of the second one.
    • Ser "Unnamed" is killed by the Griffin in the cutscene after opening the door, but he can be saved with a Wakestone.
    • Ser Georg, Ser Cyrus, Ser Westley and Ser Arman are the four Corps soldiers trying to break down the first gate.
    • Once the Griffin is defeated, the surviving soldiers will be gathered on top of the tower (in addition to Ser Loren).


  • If the Griffin is slain before the second gate to the top of the tower could be opened, then the door is unopenable until the quest The Wyrmking's Ring is commenced.  That door is not permanently sealed, though the right-hand exterior path where the three gates lie is impassable due to one gate remaining locked; its lever disappears until the game's next playthrough.

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