Grimgoblin is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma.

A much stronger version of the regular Goblin and Hobgoblin and can be found throughout Gransys during Post-Game.

Grimgoblins are a stronger and more aggressive species of goblin - they are a sickly grey colour and come in two different variations, the normal sized Goblin type and a larger Hobgoblin type.


Grimgoblin types, abilities and Torpor vulnerability demonstration00:40

Grimgoblin types, abilities and Torpor vulnerability demonstration

The smaller grimgoblins fight nearly naked, save for a covering of blood splatters, and some skull charms, the larger hobgoblin sized grimgoblins are better armored and often wear a helmet of an animal skull. Both are better prepared for combat than their lesser counterparts; they often carry serrated sword similar in design to the Cassardi Flamberge. They are also far stronger and more resistance to staggering allowing them to ignore attacks to hit their foes. In battle even the small ones are aggressive as hobgoblins.

Grimgoblins are not to be taken lightly and will abuse the situation, such as stomping on foes that are knocked down, if provided. They have been known to work in teams and will try to keep their foes from getting up.

Grimgoblins are vulnerable to Torpor and Tarred, but not to Blind; they are weak to ice.

Attack Type Description
Jump Attack Phys Leaps towards a target and smacks them in the face with their weapon, which causes knock down.
Stab Phys Similar to the Fighter's Burst Strike skill, only they don't travel as fast and will stab at you from a distance.
Stomp Dance Phys Jumps on a downed target and proceeds to stomp them to death. This deals a significant amount of damage so hope that your Pawns come save you as there is no way to free yourself. Multiple Grimgoblins can join in on this attack to increase the damage. You can be stun-locked by this.
Throw Item Mag/Status/Spec Throws various items at you that do different things. Examples include Dragon's Spit, Poison Flasks, Oil Flasks, Torpor Solution, Rocks etc.
Horn Blow Spec Blows a horn to alert other Grimgoblins to the players' presence.
Shoulder Rush Phys Charges at you with its shoulder. Despite its size it does hefty damage and knocks you down, opening it up for its stomping attack.
Shield Bash Phys Grimgoblins equipped with a shield can use the Fighter's shield bash skill to break your guard and deal damage.

Thrown items

Grimgoblins have access to different thrown items than other goblins - they can throw objects that inflict either thundershock or sleep.

Astracite shards

Grimgoblins throw an object that may cause thundershock - on contact or miss this produces an electrical discharge on impact - it seems likely that this has some connection to the Astracite Shard sometimes obtained from dead Grimgoblins. (Astracites are obtained from Phantasms - an electrically charged creature.)


In battle Grimgoblins will throw objects at the Arisen's party - on occassion pawns will exclaim "Beware! They ready a slumberstone!" - it is not known exactly what a slumbestone is or its origins.

Related Quests


Chamber of Remorse B2, Grimgoblins00:42

Chamber of Remorse B2, Grimgoblins


The Everfall

Bitterblack Isle


Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • Witnessing the stomping attack will grant knowledge.

For full informations, refer to the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge page or the according section on the Goblins page.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 300 Grimgoblins either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.


  • If knocked down Instant Reset skill will quickly return the Arisen to their feet, Otherwise press help.