Guard Duty is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Madeleine the merchant seeks safe passage to the encampment. You hope to earn something worthy from this escort duty."'


Upon activation:

  • Despite her safety concerns, Madeleine has a knack for wandering off. Heed her closely as you travel to the encampment.

Upon completion:

  • You saw Madeleine safely to the encampment. Quest reward received.
  • The quest Bad Business will become available towards the end of the game.

Guard Duty can be picked up back in Cassardis after the quest Call of the Arisen at the Encampment.

Return to Cassardis and enter Pablos' Inn.

A woman in a colorful dress named Madeleine will be there, loudly talking to herself.

Speak to her and she will ask to be escorted to The Encampment.


Do this escort quest during the day to reduce the number of monsters along the journey.
Guard Duty (quest walkthrough)03:30

Guard Duty (quest walkthrough)

Stay close to Madeleine and protect her from the Goblins that lurk between Cassardis and the Encampment.

Simply follow the road to The Encampment and protect Madeleine from the 7 Goblins in the area.

She will occasionally stop to look at something but will eventually continue ahead.

Madeleine can be picked up (with the "grab" button) and carried to The Encampment, but this will negatively impact her Affinity for the Arisen.  

Walking along the cliff side will prevent her from stopping to search for things, and will avoid all but 3 Goblins

Q madeleine

After arriving at The Encampment, Madeleine will ask for 1,000 Gold.

She needs it to be able to travel to the capital and promises to eventually repay it, in the form of a small discount at her shop.

Giving her the money will raise her Affinity level for the Arisen.

Before leaving her, take a look at her shop. She carries unique items not available anywhere else, and her inventory will improve over time.

For future escort quests, consider travelling in advance to the final destination and placing a Portcrystal there. Travel back to the escort quest origin, accept the quest, then Ferrystone the ENTIRE party to the final destination in complete safety.


  • If this quest is missed, Madeleine will still be found in Union Inn upon reaching Gran Soren. After starting the quest Chasing Shadows, she will disappear from the inn and can be later found in the new shop near The Black Cat after finishing the quest.
  • The Arisen can choose to run as fast as possible into The Encampment and then immediately exit and run back towards Cassardis. Madeleine will be waiting along the path and will say something about abandoning her, but she'll rejoin the party. This is the fastest way to complete this quest.