Guardian is one of the nine Pawn inclinations in the game Dragon's Dogma.


"Directs the Pawn to act in a way such that it might act to keep the Arisen from danger above all else."

This inclination can be raised by regular use of the "Help!" or "Come!" commands (D-pad), by having Pawns assist the Arisen should he or she run low of stamina, or by using the item Guardian's Elixir.

Guardian Pawns will stay by the Arisen's side in nearly all situations, and enter battle only when (and after) the Arisen is attacked. As such the Guardian may be unsuited for both ranged classes and spellcasters as the distance between the foe and Arisen will have already been closed before the pawn acts.

For melee focused Arisen (specifically Fighter and Warrior) the Guardian inclination may be fairly suitable for a melee focused Pawn. The pawn will tend to act in concert with the Arisen, and, when paired with inclinations such as Utilitarian, this could encourage the Pawn to perform special actions such as grappling. A daggerist Assassin Arisen that focuses on climbing attacks could find some use with it as well since the Guardian Pawn will also climb the monster, but if the Arisen steps away to fire ranged attacks, the Pawns will follow.

Online pawns

The Guardian inclination is very common in online Pawns due to players' overuse of "Help!" and "Come!" commands and by players repeatedly running out of stamina, and all of these raise the inclination.

Unfortunately, the Guardian inclination is one of the least generally useful Pawn behaviors (and in many cases is counter productive) and thus Guardian inclined Pawns tend to be overlooked by renters. For players wishing to maximize online hires, it is generally strongly recommended to avoid any Guardian inclination, and remove it when possible using an Inclination Elixir or at a Knowledge Chair.

Combination Examples

  • Challenger/Scather/Mitigator + Guardian: Setting this combination may cause the undesirable running back and forth behavior described above, especially pronounced with a ranged Arisen and a close combat Pawn.
  • Utilitarian + Guardian: A Pawn with this setup will strive to use its abilities in the best way to protect its master - a Fighter Pawn will regularly use Shield Summons/Shield Drum to draw enemy attacks away the Arisen, but will grapple and hold enemies when appropriate. However, it will still tend to stay near the Arisen which is detrimental to a ranged vocation.
  • Medicant + Guardian: This combination is fairly well suited to a healer Pawn with a ranged Arisen as it will ensure the non-melee pawn stays out of direct battle. Note that the Pawn will tend to favor the Arisen before the other Pawns, and may be out of range to heal other party members if the Arisen strays too far.
  • Nexus + Guardian: Useful with an all melee party as the Nexus will aid any who get into trouble, however, this combination remains generally unsuitable for parties focused on ranged or spell casting attacks.


  • The Guardian inclination can cause friction with other more aggressive inclinations as the pawn may rush between attacking foes and being at the Arisen's side, reducing their efficiency in battle.
  • The Pioneer inclination can cause friction within the Pawn AI and will regularly cause the Pawn to run back and forth between the Arisen and the field ahead while performing little to no actions. Nexus can also occasionally have similar effects if the Pawns in your party are too spread out.
  • See also Pawn Inclination troubleshooting