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Hearthstone is one of the countries neighboring Gransys. It is ruled by a King, unlike Gransys. Mercedes is sent from Hearthstone to Gransys to provide help with The Dragon's impending attack. Hearthstone is believed to be bigger than Gransys. Like Gransys, Voldoa and Meloire, the country is part of an alliance forged by an undisclosed amount of countries to provide aid whenever a dragon attacks.


Quite little is known of Hearthstone's governing body apart from the fact it appears to be a monarchy headed by King Grende Hearthstone. It also has various lords, ladies, and knights, such as Mercedes. The powerbase of Hearthstone is, as with all of the kingdoms of Dragon's Dogma, patriarchal in nature. This is reflected by the presence of Mercedes in Gransys, as her father did not want to send either of his sons to combat the Wyrm.

It seems as if the people of Hearthstone are well-accustomed to ale and wine, with even the traditionally more reticent Hearthstone women being able to drink any Gransys soldier under the table.


If Nettie's grasp of geography is sound, Hearthstone is in the northern region of the world : "But speak of the northlands... I hear Ser Mercedes has come to Gran Soren. Last daughter of the Lord of Hearthstone".